Happy Sunday!

Today, we saw something… well, let’s say “bizarre”.

Here’s what happened:

Right now, I’m on a roadtrip from Austin to San Francisco with my daughter Vivian.

It’s a straight shot: Take Interstate 10 until Los Angeles and then Interstate 5 up to San Francisco.

If you have never done a roadtrip, I highly recommend it:

We drove through literally NOTHING in West Texas,

… then we saw several dust devils as we were driving through New Mexico, …

… we drove through scorching heat of 115 F (= 46 C) in the desert in Arizona when suddenly… I saw “The Thing” famous roadside sign.

If you ever drive westbound on I-10, you will notice that there’s not only ONE of these signs, …

There are 247 of them!
You will see them every few miles.

At first, we thought “Odd…” and ignored it.

But after seeing a few dozen of these signs, we were curious.

So Vivian looked it up, and it turned out to be a cheesy roadside attraction.

But now Vivian is hooked on the “20 Weirdest Roadside Attractions”, and she found one that we MUST check out:

Dinny and Mr. Rex
“Dinny” is a 150-foot-long (46 m) Brontosaurus made out of concrete and “Mr. Rex” is a 65-foot-tall (20 m) Tyrannosaurus Rex.

This is just too good to pass!

So we went there, and I did a quick video for you.

And while “The Thing” might not be real, our promotions for the PowerX Optimizer are!

Read THIS.

Alright… time to get back on the road on our way to San Francisco!

Talk soon,

– Markus

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I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

Did I Make a Mistake..?

Did I Make a Mistake..?

From today on, call me “Po”

From today on, call me “Po”

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