Happy Monday!

I’m back from the sailing regatta with Vivian,

… and it was super frustrating:

On Saturday, we waited all day for wind.

Around 3:00pm, the wind FINALLY picked up, and the kids jumped in their boats ready to race.

The race committee was just about to set a course when suddenly… there was thunder!

A quick look at the weather app told us that lightning was only 5 miles away.

That’s not good at all!

The mast of these sailboats are 20 foot tall – completely out of metal.

And we are on a lake that’s completely flat.

In a nutshell: You have 80 lighting rods floating on the lake – during a thunderstorm!

So we grabbed the kids and towed them back to the harbor with our motorboats as quickly as possible.

And that’s the end of Day 1.

Yesterday, our day started early:

We woke up at 6:00am,
…checked out of the hotel,
… got to the yacht club,
… rigged the sail boat,
… and went out at 8:45am since there was some breeze.

But as soon as all boats were out on the lake and race committee set the course, …

It died

So we waited.

No cloud in the sky,
Texas sun beating down on us,
100F (again),
… and no wind.

At 11:30, the wind picked up a little bit and race committee ran a race,

But it was brutal!

The boats were rather floating than sailing, and at 2:00pm, race committee called it a day.

If you think about it, we are definitely crazy:

  • Loading the sailboats on the trailer in Austin: 2 hours
  • Then we drive the trailer with the boats to Dallas: 4 hours
  • Unloading the trailer in Dallas and rigging the boats: 2 hours
  • Waiting for wind on Saturday: 10 hours
  • Waiting for wind on Sunday: 5 hours
  • De-rigging the boats and loading the trailer in Dallas: 2 hours
  • Driving back to Austin: 5 hours (since there’s traffic in Waco)
  • Unloading the boats from the trailer: 2 hours

… and that for only ONE race that lasted 45 min.

But I talked about it the other day:

It’s the same as with trading:

  1. YOU need to be ready and
  2. THE MARKET (or the weather) needs to be ready.

Sometimes, the markets are wild, like a thunderstorm.

Sometimes, the markets are super calm, and you are patiently waiting for “your shot”.

And sometimes, the market conditions are just perfect.

The point is:

You can’t change the market (or the weather).

But you can make sure that you’re ready to rock when the market conditions are perfect.

Right now, we are in the middle of a “thunderstorm” in the markets.

But it won’t last forever.

In the next few weeks – or maybe even days – the market conditions might be perfect again for trading.

Will YOU be ready?

You saw how much time we spent preparing for this regatta.

How about this:

If you are already a PowerX Optimizer user, join Paul tonight for a 90-min orientation on how to use the took in the very best way. The details are in our private Mighty Networks community.

Paul does these 90-min orientations for existing users every Monday.

And if you are not a PowerX Optimizer user (yet), you can book a private tour with Paul to see what this tool can do for you:

Either way:

RIGHT NOW is the best time to get ready!

Talk soon,

– Markus

PS: Today the markets are closed, but Mark and I will be back with our Stock Market Update tomorrow!

See you then 🙂

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I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

Did I Make a Mistake..?

Did I Make a Mistake..?

From today on, call me “Po”

From today on, call me “Po”

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