We Arrived in Long Beach!

Happy Friday!

Late last night, we arrived in Long Beach, CA.

The sailing regatta starts today.

Here’s what happened yesterday:

Yesterday morning, Vivian and I went for breakfast and checked the wind forecast for the weekend.

Because Vivian wants to be prepared:

  • Will it be super windy?
  • Will there be light wind?
  • Will the wind shift?

Then we went to Target to get snacks since it will be a long day on the water: beef jerky, cliff bars, bananas, Gatorade, water… plenty of water!

After that, we went over to the yacht club to double- and triple-check the boat and gear:

  • Sails – CHECK
  • Lines – CHECK
  • Spare parts – CHECK

Next, we check where the race course will be the next day.

Then Vivian and James (her skipper) take the boat out on the water to check the wind conditions in the racing area.

And to make sure that they check the “right” wind conditions, they sail in the race area and do practice drills for 5 hours – at exactly the same time of day when the races will be.

After coming in, they check their boat again since they did “stress tests” during their practice drills on the water.

Today, they will be at the yacht club 2 hours before they go out and double-check everything again.

Seems excessive?

Well, they like to be prepared!

Because they know:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Today, they have an amazing opportunity to compete with 120 other boats in the 2022 National Championship regatta.

And you bet that the Top 10 in this regatta are those who are prepared.

What about YOU?

  • How are you getting ready to trade?
  • How do you make sure that YOU have a competitive edge against other traders?
  • What “gear” do you have? What are the tools that make you competitive and ready to win against other traders?

Because when the markets open, it’s off to the races.

After the opening bell, you better be prepared! If you are trying to get ready NOW, after the markets are open, it’s too late.

It’s like checking your boat and noticing that you have a hole in your sale after the starting gun goes off.

Do you have a morning routine for your trading?

If you would like to know what exactly I do to get ready for trading, check out this video that I did in which I explain everything in detail.

If you don’t have a trading routine (yet), this video will help you to create one.

And even if you already have a routine, maybe you’ll pick up a thing or two that you can add to yours?

Alright, time to get ready to race! I’ll be out on the water on the coach boat.

Talk soon,

– Markus

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