Well, THAT didn’t work…

Happy Tuesday!

It’s one of these days:

Here’s what happened:

Yesterday, on my way back from Europe, I got stuck in Chicago:

There was a massive thunderstorm with a tornado warning… sounds like the markets yesterday, doesn’t it?

Strike 1:
Travel Mayhem

The plane that was supposed to fly us back to Austin was diverted to Detroit, and I was stuck in Chicago – AGAIN!

While I was looking for a hotel to spend the night and asking the concierge in the Polaris lounge to rebook my flight, it happened

Strike 2:
Password Hell

I received a text from Paul, who is doing the PowerX Optimizer Orientations for our users: “Hey Markus, did you change the Zoom password? I can’t log in.”

Uh… yes, I did, because Zoom forced me to change it.

I gave Paul the new password but now he was locked out of Zoom for 30 minutes because of too many unsuccessful attempts!

So we had to cancel the Monday Orientation.

But it didn’t end there:

Since I was stuck in Chicago overnight, I asked Mark to cover the “Stock Market Update” this morning,

Strike 3:
“TEST…. Is This Thing On?”

Mark was ready to rock the Stock Market Update…

… but here was no sound!

No idea what happened, but after a few minutes talking to himself, we decided to pull the plug and stop the live broadcast.

Gheesh…. It’s just one of these days, isn’t it?

So Let’s Try This Again:

In a few minutes, I’ll head back to the airport and try to get back to Austin.

The sun is shining, no cloud in the sky and no delays (yet) – KNOCK ON WOOD!

And tomorrow morning, we are doing the Stock Market Update in the usual form:

The 3 “M’s”:
Mark, Markus And The Markets

Oh, and Paul is also able to get into Zoom again.

So he will definitely do the orientation next week!

By the way, if you don’t know Paul yet:

Paul is a Mastermind Member who has been using the PowerX Optimizer for the last 4 years, and he does the Monday Orientation for new users and also “PowerX Optimizer Tours” for everybody who is interested in this tool.

And he still has a few open slots for this week. 🙂

So if you want to know how the PowerX Optimizer can help you in your trading, book a tour with Paul here: https://bit.ly/PXO_TOUR

It will be approximately 45 min, and Paul will show you everything the tool can do.

Alright, time to head over to the airport.

And if everything works out, I’ll see you in the Stock Market Update tomorrow morning!

– Markus

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