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Paul Harper

Diamond Mastermind Member Since 2018

Paul and his fully restored plane

Paul is a Rockwell Mastermind member, a retired Aeronautical Engineer and an active Pilot. Paul is an expert on the PowerX Optimizer, PowerX Strategy and Wheel Strategy and actively both stocks and options.

Paul started out just like you. Was curious about Rockwell, purchased the software, followed the plan and retired within 2 years. Paul Lives is Ohio with his wife and is a full time Trader (on his own time).                                                                            

Raza Aziz

Diamond Mastermind Member Since 2019

Raza is an expert on the PowerX Optimizer, PowerX Strategy & The Wheel Strategy. He is a Rockwell Mastermind member and attributes his Trading success to Markus and the Rockwell family.

He is a father, husband and lives in Toronto Canada. He is also an international speaker, author and business owner. Raza has consulted with hundreds of traders on how to get results as a trader AND how to make it a thriving business.