We've developed a variety of tools and services all designed to help new and experienced traders find consistency and profitability in the markets.

The PowerX Strategy

The PowerX Strategy | Book

The PowerX Strategy is at the foundation of our trading at Rockwell Trading. This is what we would consider our core swing-trading strategy for stocks and options at Rockwell Trading. This book is perfect for new and and advanced traders alike. I breakdown my simple and proven strategy for consistently making money in the markets.

The PowerX Optimizer

The PowerX Optimizer | Tool

The PowerX Optimizer is truly the powerhouse of Rockwell Trading. This is the primary trading tool we use at Rockwell Trading and over the years we have invested more than $600,000 into its development. This software allows us to consistently find stock and option trades setups in as little as 15 minutes a day with 6 simple clicks of the mouse. Harness decades of experience, with the PowerX Optimizer.

The Option Income Wheel

The Option Income Wheel | Course

The Option Income Wheel is an in-depth, on-demand training on the income generating strategy, The Wheel. This three part trade is an amazing way to not only build a portfolio of 'blue chip' stocks at desirable prices, it also allows you to generate weekly income while you wait. With this on-demand training you will also receive our proprietary "Option Wheel Calculator" to ensure you're always trading options that meet our strict income criteria

Theta Kings

Theta Kings | Course

In this 3 part, in-depth on-demand training you will learn EXACTLY how our traders sell put options with an incredibly high win rate, while taking every precaution to avoid assignment. Plus as part of this on-demand course, you'll receive our Put Options Calculator and Put Options Playbook that ensures every trade you enter meets our strict risk/reward parameters and helps to keep you in the winners circle.

Power Income Alerts

Power Income Alerts | Service

Get full access to Markus' personal "Wheel" income trades through our brand new service, Power Income Alerts. Join and start receiving 5-20 trades each month.