If you’ve been trading for a while - and not getting the results you want...

This Is The Most Important Letter You'll EVER Read Before Making Your Next Trade

A Scary Truth...

Most day traders lose money.  In fact, losing money is part of day trading.  Even the best day traders in the world routinely make losing trades.

The gap that separates a great trader who does remarkably well... from other traders who routinely fail... is smaller than you may think.

What makes a great trader great, is having a system that allows you to absorb routine loss and still profit, even if half your trades are stone-cold losers.

What makes a great trader great... is having a system that identifies when to enter and exit a trade based on real-time market data... not guess-work based on economic news or speculation based on some experts’ opinion.

What Makes A Great Trader Great?

When you have a trading system that allows you to profit, even if half of your trades are losers... and when your system gives you crystal-clear entry and exit signals based on real-time market data with no guesswork of any kind ever...

And when you understand that system inside-out and take a week or so to develop your skill trading on a simulator... before you trade a live account...

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish. 

Fear and anxiety are replaced with knowledge.

You can move quickly from where you are now...

To being a trader with what seems like visionary insight ... with a better win percentage than people who’ve traded for years without such a system.

Make no mistake.  Your trading system is a tool.

And having the right tool for the job makes all the difference.

You can’t drive a golf ball with a ping-pong paddle.

You can’t bake a cake with a vacuum cleaner.

And without the right trading system...

... you’re destined to limp along with a few lucky picks here and there... and a long string of losses that take all the joy out of trading.

Without the right system you have loss instead of gain...

Frustration instead of satisfaction...

And you’ll never develop the only superpower a human being needs...

Which is being able to flip on a computer...

Spend an hour or so...

And earn the kind of income it takes to get out of debt, have what you want for yourself and your family... and build real wealth.

The Right Trading System Can Change Your Financial Situation For Life - At Least It Did For Me...

Dear Friend,

Hi my name is Markus Heitkoetter.

It’s no secret you can earn a lot trading.  People do it every day.

But it’s also no secret that most traders never earn much.  In fact most traders fail.

They fall short.  They lose money.


Not because there’s a problem with the opportunity.  Far from it.

Trading is one of the most proven, time-tested, highest-profit-potential activities on earth. Everybody knows this.

I trade a few hours a day from my home-office...

And I’ve done this consistently, year after year, for over eight years now.

  • What’s the secret?
  • How can you work a few hours a day, be in total control of your time... 
  • How do I do it? Can I teach you?  Is it easy to learn?
  • How fast can you be up and running, even if you know very little about day trading... but you want to learn?
  • Can you develop a serious part-time income and haul in enough to make a real difference in your finances trading a few hours a week?

Good questions all.  And I’ll get to each one.

But first there’s something important you need to know.

Before I became a good trader...I was a bad trader... In fact I was terrible.

Before I learned how to limit risk and let the market dictate when to enter and exit trades, I made the same foolish mistakes most traders make.

I had no idea how to protect capital.  I was clueless.

I had no objective way to decide what to trade. It was all guesswork.

I had no objective way to know when to enter or exit a trade.  I just read financial news.  Listened to gurus.  Made picks.  And hoped for the best.

In hind-sight, I may as well have been throwing darts at the Wall Street Journal and trading whatever stock the dart hit.

The funny thing is...

I thought I had a ‘system’.  But all I had was a hodge-podge of bad ideas that made me feel like I was in control, while guaranteeing failure.

I traded on economic news.

I traded on gut-feeling.

I listened to so-called ‘experts’ and followed their sage advice.

I subscribed to expensive newsletters and traded guru picks.

In other words...

I did everything most traders do to fail.

And I suffered the same devastating result.

Within eight weeks of quitting a good corporate job and deciding to earn my living trading ... I lost 40% of my account.  

Poof.  Gone.  Just like I never worked and saved to have it!

I was angry.  I was upset.  I was devastated.

I thought I had done everything right.

I had taken courses.  Read books.  Studied.  Watched videos.  Attended workshops.  Talked with gurus.  And everything else. 

I knew how to trade.  I’d been doing it part-time for years.

More accurately...  

I knew how most people trade. And since most people fail and have a NET ANNUAL LOSS trading, instead of a NET ANNUAL GAIN...

I should have never been upset when my account all but evaporated.

But the deepest cut of all was not losing the money. 

The deepest cut was my plans to spend more time with my family were going up in smoke.

My plans to earn enough trading so we could have a great lifestyle, travel and play to our hearts content... and have plenty left over to save, buy property or invest how we want, were dying before my eyes.

And even more hurtful...

It may be old fashioned.

But I’m the bread-winner in my family.

My wife, my son and my daughter see me as a bit of a super-hero.  And I accept that role with joy.

So failing at something so important, right in front of them... hurt.

But I did not give up and go softly into that dark night.

After kicking and screaming and howling at the moon...

I decided to figure out WHY I lost so much so fast.  And why my win percentage was, to put it nicely, in the toilet.

And more importantly...

I was determined to figure out how to turn things around and get my income and the pursuit of my dreams back on track.

What I discovered changed my attitude.

Changed my trading style.

Changed my income.

And changed my life.

In a few short months I recovered the 40% loss and ended the year with a nice profit.

The second year was even better.  Of course I had losses.  Losses are just part of trading.  But I racked up wins right and left.

And with a trading system that delivers profit with up to 50% losing trades... I was on track to breaking every income goal I ever dreamed of.

I learned from my losses.  Adjusted my trading style.  And developed a trading system that works.

Every year since has been wonderful by any standard.

Soon after developing the trading system that turned things around, I founded Rockwell Trading with my trading partner Mark Hodge.

Along the way I’ve been quoted on most of the major financial news networks, including ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox... and wrote one of the most popular books on day trading ever published with over 300,000 downloads.

I don’t say this to brag.  Far from it.

I say it because I know how it feels to want something and be disappointed.

I know how it feels to work hard, do your best... and be so disappointed you can’t believe the results are so bad.

I know how it feels when the thought crosses your mind that maybe you just don’t have what it takes and maybe you should just give it up.

And thanks to all that’s holy...

I know how it feels to slam the door on those kind of thoughts, figure out the best next-step... and get back on track to have what you want.

Besides the trading system itself, the most important message I have for you is... before I became a good trader, I was a bad trader.

And the trading system I developed changed everything.

It gave me back my dreams.  Put me in control of my income.  And has allowed me to live a lifestyle most can only imagine.

Now I’d like to share that system with you... 

But before you see everything, I want you to know why most traders lose money.

This is important because when you know why so many traders lose, and then see the System for yourself...

You’ll know why the system is so powerful.  Why using the system gives you a huge advantage.  And why it’s right for you.

Traders Lose Money for 3 Main Reasons

  1. They don’t understand the opportunity.They think trading is about get-rich-quick.  But it’s not. Like anything that can deliver value, trading requires learning how to do something right.  Developing the skill to do it well.  And then doing it.
  2. They follow bad advice. To be clear, if your trading signals come from any source other than live, real-time, market-driven data, you are following bad advice.  You know this because... The market doesn’t care about economic forecasts.  It pays no attention to guru opinion.  The market doesn’t watch CNN or read the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal.Live, real-time data drives the market.  Rely on anything else to drive your trading decisions and you’re guessing. It’s that simple.
  3. They have no rules to limit risk. No strategy to maximize gains through good money management.  And no data-driven strategy to identify trading opportunity and know when to enter or exit a trade.Without this traders are lost. They may as well be betting on fantasy football.  They’re clueless.  No wonder most people lose trading!

Adopt the Day Trading Quick Start System.  Learn it.  Follow it.  And you will avoid so many mistakes.

Now that you know what NOT to do, let’s take a look at what may be THE MOST POWERFUL DAY TRADING SYSTEM EVER...


The Rockwell Trading

Day Trading Quick Start Kit

This system is so simple you can watch a few short videos and be up and running, with full understanding of what you’re doing, in a few hours.

The system is so effective that with a little practice on a simulator, (where you never risk real money), you can learn everything fast.  And be able to spot opportunity and limit loss better than far more experienced traders.

The system is that powerful.

Even more important...

You’ve read this far, which means you’re interested.

And because you’re interested and want to learn how to trade, or how to trade better, and you’re not looking for a fast buck, know this... the Day Trading Quick Start Kit was created with YOU in mind.

The Day Trading Quick Start Kit Was Created With YOU In Mind...

The Quick Start system gives you seven (7) video modules that take from about twenty to forty minutes each

Each training module builds on what you just learned.

Each module walks you through step-by-step.  It’s almost like we are sitting next to you.  Answering questions.  And guiding the way.

By the time you complete these seven short modules...

You’ll have charting software with Rockwell Trading Indicators loaded and ready to go.  And you’ll have simulated trading account you can you practice on to your hearts content and never risk a cent.

You get full access to the simulated trading account and the charting software for 30 days free.  No credit card is required to download the charting software or activate the simulated trading account.

The modules in the Day Trading Quick Start Kit progress from “getting started” and spotting live trading opportunity... to making simulated trades and developing your skill, all without risking a cent.

Module #1 Introduction to the Futures Market.

This module covers everything you need to know to decide what you want to trade; stocks, options, Forex and/or futures.

  • You learn about the ACCOUNT SIZE it takes to trade stocks, options, Forex and futures.
  • You learn the BENEFITS of trading futures and learn why day traders often prefer trading futures over stocks, options or Forex.
  • You learn how leverage in futures trading gives you an opportunity to control a LOT with a LITTLE. And limit loss with NO CAP on the upside.
  • You learn the only three things you MUST KNOW to trade futures.
  • You learn why you can trade futures with as little as $3000, and why you need nearly ten-times that in your account to trade stocks.
  • You learn why day trading futures requires a much lower margin requirement than stocks, options or Forex and how that frees you to make more trades more often.

In just twenty minutes and fifteen seconds... you learn all this and more.

With this alone...

You’ll know more about how to get started day trading THE RIGHT WAY than many who’ve traded for years and never done well.

This Quick Start training is simple.  In fact, it may be the simplest introduction to getting started and becoming a skilled day trader ever.

But don’t confuse simplicity with value.

Day Trading Quick Start Kit is one of the most complete day-trading trainings available anywhere at any price.

Module #2 Introduction to Charting

This short module covers everything it takes to get InfinityAT Charting Software with pre-installed Rockwell Trading indicators INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER and ready to use in simulated trading.  

  • We walk you through the download and set-up process step-by-step.
  • Everything is covered in detail, including how bring up charts for any market, how to minimize and maximize charts, how to set up your screen to see multiple markets, and more.
  • You learn how to bring up current data so you know you are always looking at live charts.

By the end of this module, your charting software will be installed and loaded with Rockwell Trading indicators.  And you will know how to open the software, select markets, size charts and everything else you need to view live charts for any market you want to trade.

Module #3Introduction to the Infinity Trading Platform

This module introduces you to the Infinity TRADING PLATFORM.  Everything you need to know to understand and use the platform and begin simulated trading is covered in detail.

  • You learn how to bring up the markets you want to trade, so when it’s time to trade a real account you know exactly what you’re doing and feel right at home with the trading platform.
  • You learn how simple it is to place orders, including buy, sell and limit orders. And you can practice to your hearts content and develop skill placing orders in the simulated trading environment.
  • You learn you never have to worry about making a mistake placing orders in a live trading environment, because you can adjust or cancel any order in a split second without it costing you a cent.
  • You learn how to set profit targets and stop loss manually. And how to bracket profit target and stop loss with your trade... ensuring you set up the trade you want with limited risk and a clear exit point.
  • You learn how to cancel all open orders and close all pending orders with a single mouse click so when you’re through trading for the day... you are out of the market and have nothing to worry about.

Module #4 A short training to introduce you to the Simple Strategy, which is my personal favorite day trading strategy and the one I use practically every day.

This module introduces you to The Simple Strategy the ‘most powerful’ day trading strategy

  • You learn how to set up your charts to trade the Simple Strategy with any charting software.
  • You learn how the Simple Strategy gives you clear indicators on when to enter or exit the market and why that’s important.
  • You learn why the Simple Strategy is an ideal trend following strategy.
  • You learn how you can lose 50% of your trades, and still be profitable trading the Simple Strategy.
  • You learn how to put trades on autopilot so you never worry about a trade. Just set it and forget it.
  • You learn the power of capturing small intraday trends and learn how the Simple Strategy helps you capture those trends without fretting over entry and exit points.
  • If all you do is master trading the Simple Strategy, you may be able to develop an impressive part-time income trading a few hours a week.

Get Instant Access!

Module #5 Gives you more step-by-step detail on how to trade The Simple Strategy.

The previous module the Simple Strategy was introduced. 

And you learned why the Simple Strategy is ideal for day trading.

In this module you are introduced to Trading Indicators we use to trade the Simple Strategy.  And get step-by-step instructions on how to set those trading indicators up in your charting software.

NOTE: If you use the InfinityAT charting software each of the Rockwell Trading indicators discussed in this video are PRE-LOADED and ready to use without you doing a thing. 

In this module you will discover...

  • The three must-have indicators you need to trade the Simple Strategy, why they are so powerful, and how to use them to spot trends, determine entry and exit points and more.
  • The secret of Bollinger Bands and how using them can help you spot a trend from across the room with a quick glance at your screen.
  • The mystery of MACD unraveled. Technical trading terms sound complicated.  But when you see how blindingly simple the ideas are behind these terms... you will be delighted. When you see how powerful these trading indicators are and realize how easy they make spotting opportunity and picking entry and exit points, you may feel like you should have started online day trading years ago... because you had no idea how simple it can be.
  • Relative Strength Index or RSI – What is it? Why it’s important.  How to use it to trade the Simple Strategy.  As with MACD, Rcokewll relative strength index settings are PRE-LOADED into InfinityAT Charting Software.  If you use a different charting software, all the information you need to load Rockwell settings are in this video.
  • THE SECRET SAUCE: Rockwell has partnered with InfinityAT Charting Software to PRE-LOAD our trading indicators, including MACD, RSI and RANGE BAR settings. Even better... each indicator, which appears on the chart, is COLOR CODED so you never have to watch the numbers... you can just watch the COLOR as the market moves and the charts change. This is all covered in detail in the video.

The Second Training in Module 5 puts it all together and gives you a complete walkthrough of everything covered so far on how to trade The Simple Strategy.

  • You have a detailed demonstration with full explanation of how to watch a chart determine clear entry and exit points. How to quickly determine stop loss and profit targets.  And more.
  • If you use InfinityAT charting software with Rockwell trading indicators pre-loaded, you never need to watch numbers to trade. Instead, you have clear VISUAL INDICATORS that tell you when a trade is shaping up.  And you can spot those indicators at a glance.
  • If you don’t use Infinity software, you have all the Rockwell indicators and a clear explanation of how to set them up in your software. While you can trade the Simple Strategy with almost any charting software, the benefit of using InfinityAT Charting software with Rockwell Trading Indicators PRE-LOADED is... Instead of keeping numbers in your head, watching charts and waiting for numbers to change, you look for COLORS CHANGES    The software is programed so that the graph CHANGES COLORS IN REAL TIME when certain trading indicators are hit.

Looking for color changes, instead of remembering numbers, makes trading COLOR CODED EASY.  This couldn’t be simpler.

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Module #6You learn all the settings to trade the four markets we like to trade.

  • You get all the technical details you need to trade the our 4 favorite markets.
  • Plus you get the exact range bar settings we use at Rockwell Trading to trade these markets.
  • NOTE: If you use InfinityAT Charting Software, settings discussed in this module are PRE-LOADED and ready to use immediately on downloading the software, with no additional setup required.

Module #7 You get all the details on the single most powerful tool available to develop your skill as a trader.

In this module you will discover...

  • Why a simple trading log is the most powerful tool you can use to improve your skill as a trader.
  • The best way to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a trader so you can maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses and develop skill.
  • You get a link to download the trading log we use keep track of all our trades at Rockwell... plus details on how to use the log.
  • You learn which numbers are important and which numbers are not so important. For example, most traders think win-percentage is the most important number to track.  But with the Simple Strategy, that is FAR less important than another number explained in this module.
  • Why a too-high winning percentage may actually signal a trading problem that could eventually cost you a great deal.
  • You learn all about drawdown, including how much is normal, how much is too much... and what to do improve your skill and keep drawdown in a normal and expected range.
  • Why the maximum win should always be greater than the maximum loss trading the Simple Strategy.

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By the end of this module...

You are ready to trade your simulated account.  Ready to track your wins and losses.  And ready to start building your skill.

When you consistently win at least 50% of your simulated trades you can keep practicing until your win ratio climbs to 55% to 65%...

Or just go straight to live trading.  Because with a 50% win rate trading the Simple Strategy... you are doing well and your account can grow fast.

With the Day Trading Quick Start Kit, and a little practice trading a simulated account... you can develop skill and move quickly from being a trader with little or no experience...

To being a trader a growing trading account...

And a skill you can develop to the point where you have all the income you want to live as you choose.  And be in near total control of your time.

And that my friend... is freedom!

What’s This Really All About?

The subject of the Day Trading Quick Start Kit is... day trading.  That’s what you learn.

But the truth is...

This training is about more than learning how to day trade.

This training is about FREEDOM.

It’s about mastering something that can generate an income to replace your current income and provide for your family year in and year out.

At the heart of the matter, it’s about more than making money.

It’s about the quality of life you can give yourself and your family when you develop the ability, (I call it a superpower!), to haul in all the extra income it takes to have whatever you want for yourself and your family.

For me day trading is not about wins and losses...

  • Day trading is about giving my family a great lifestyle we all enjoy.
  • It’s about never having to say no to something you want... because you just can’t afford it.
  • It’s about being able to give yourself and your family fabulous vacations anywhere in the world you decide to go.
  • It’s about earning enough beyond your needs to be able to invest in real estate, fatten up a retirement account, and have plenty set aside for a rainy day.
  • It’s about having the ability to help a relative or friend, or contribute to a worthy cause, and never worry about how it will affect your finances.

Ultimately day trading is about FREEDOM.  The freedom to have what you want.  Live as you choose.  And come and go as you please. It this is what you want... I believe the Day Trading Quick Start Kit may be your BEST next-step to having it. With this System you will UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING FAST. And can be up and running, trading a simulated account in a couple of hours.

Ok Markus – I want it!

What’s it take to get started on theDay Trading Quick Start Kit Right Now?

Before I give you the price there’s something you need to know.

If you could have this for as little as $2500 ... it’d be a steal.

Not because I say so...

It’d be a steal because this will help you overcome fear.  Develop skill.  And get you in the market trading your live account... with the odds stacked more strongly in your favor than ever before.

So I’m sure you’d agree $2500 would be a steal.

$1250 would practically be a gift.

$997 would be an absurd low price for something so valuable.  The bargain of a lifetime.

But the System is none of those prices.

It’s less.  Much less.

In fact, the price is so low...

I want to explain why you can have something so valuable for so little before I give you the price.

It’s Like This...

My goal is to help people who want to be helped.

If you want to provide more for yourself and your family... and are willing to do something about it...

If you wish making a living didn’t take all your time... and would jump at something that can deliver some real income working a few hours a week...

If you wish you had a way earn enough part-time to pay off debt, buy a car, take a vacation... or just do whatever you want...

And if you’re serious about day trading...

My goal is to help you have what you want.

My goal is to share the system that gives me and my trading partner a degree of financial freedom and free time most people can only imagine.

So if you’d like a shot at that kind of freedom, without it costing an arm and a leg, and without it taking years, months or even weeks to get started...

I’d like to help. 

My Quick Start System works.  It’s that simple.

Learn it.  Master it.  And you have a genuine SUPER POWER.

And I’m willing to practically give this system away because...

When you accept this offer and start doing well...

Like so many I’ve trained...

You’ll want EVERYTHING Rockwell Trading offers, including group master minds and coaching events that take skilled traders already doing well, and bring their considerable skill to a whole new level.

So knowing you’ll love the System... and sooner or later want to step up and take part in more advanced trainings...

I want you to have the Quick Start Training at the lowest price possible.

Is that fair enough?

Knowing the Day Trading Quick Start Kit merits a price ten-times this amount...

You can have it today... right now in fact... for only $997.

That’s it.  Not a penny more.

Just click the Get Instant Access button below.  And in just a few minutes you can dive into the first module and get started.

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Why it’s Important to Grab This System Now & Not Wait Even One Minute To Get The System & Get Started...

You’ve read this far...

And that means you know this is right for you and you want it.


So if you want it...

And you want to lock in this ridiculous low price of just $997...

It’s critical you click the Get Instant Access button now and here’s why.

My accountant, my marketing guy, my trading partner, and my wife are practically in mutiny over this $997 price.

They believe giving something worth at least $1000 away for one-tenth that amount is a mistake.

I disagree.

I believe giving you an amazing, outstanding value may be just the incentive you need to get started.  And starting... is everything.

So for the moment the price remains $997.

And to sweeten the pot...

There’s one more thing I want you to have.

Special Bonus

You’re going to love this...

In January 2017 Rockwell Trading is holding a two-day trading summit in Orlando Florida.  This is two solid days of fun, learning, trading... and getting to know and spend time with some of the top traders in the business.

General admission to this fabulous two-day event... is $997.

So here’s what I’ll do for you...

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Claim your copy of the Day Trading Quick Start Kit... and I’ll reserve your ticket to our live January 2017 Orlando Day Trading Summit.

This effectively makes your Quick Start Trading System FREE.

After your order is complete you’ll receive all the details on the live event.

And if you can’t attend, no worries, you won’t miss a thing. 

Because every session is recorded.  And I’ll personally see to it you get a copy of all the general session recordings as a special way to say THANK YOU for giving the Day Trading Quick Start Kit a try today.

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No Risk Iron-Clad100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Accept my offer.  Get the Quick Start Income Acceleration Simple Day Trading System for just $997.

Watch the videos.  Learn everything.  And if for any reason during the first ninety (90) days  of having the system, you are willing to look me in the eyes through email and honestly say the System does not deliver the value you expected, you get a full, no-questions-asked 100% refund.  And we part friends.  Is that fair enough?    

Welcome aboard!

I'll see you inside,

Markus Heikoetter

TraderFounder, Rockwell Trading Club

PS – The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

If your goal is to develop a great part-time or full-time income trading, this may well be shortest distance between where you now and where want to be.

You have no risk.  If you don’t love it, you get a refund.  So join me now on the inside and take advantage of the LOWEST PRICE EVER while this ridiculous low price lasts.

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