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Then Start By Learning From Someone Who’s Already Paved The Way

Markus Heitkoetter

Trader | Author | Coach

Imagine you were put into the driver’s seat of a Formula 1 car...  

The ignition is ON...  

The crowd is roaring...

The race is about to start…  

And you are inside a car that costs millions of dollars, competing against some of the best drivers while on one of the most technically complex racing tracks in the world…

And your only racing experience is go-kart. 

Obviously, you would be stressed and nervous. Since you don’t have the experience you need to succeed at this level. 

Trading works in a similar way

In the market, you’re competing against the brightest traders in the world.

You’re trading against professional traders. And you’re trading against JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs.

But you don’t have to, or rather shouldn’t do it all alone! 

Now revisit this scenario I painted for you earlier…

Same track. Same race. Same car. 

Except this time, you’re wearing a headset with Michael Schumacher on the end. One of the greatest Formula 1 drivers gives you a briefing before the race begins and gives you turn-by-turn advice, basically leading hand-by-hand to the finish line. 

You’d have way more chance to succeed and you’d feel way more confident. 

Becoming a trader is like anything in life. It requires time and effort. 

But if you want to shorten your learning curve and gain the REAL edge, there’s no better way than by having someone in your corner helping you at all times. An expert who can guide you through. 

The Rockwell Freedom Mastermind is Like Your Personal Earpeace in the World of Trading At All Times

Now, my last name may not be Schumacher…… But I am German… 

And I’ve been trading for over 25 years and coaching for 15 of them. 

Besides trading everything from futures to Forex, investing in real estate, and making millions in the process, I've shown over 600,000 people worldwide how easy it can be to escape the rat race through trading and take control. 

This experience and the fact that I myself went through the same path gives me a unique insight into the mind of a trader. 

I know exactly what most traders struggle with, and I know how to overcome it. 

And The Rockwell Freedom Mastermind is the highest level and most elite coaching I ever created. 

It’s a service where myself and Mark, my head trading coach will take you by hand and lead you to trading success by…

Providing you with personalized attention via group coaching calls, check-in calls, group strategy calls, personal 1-on-1 calls, and even offline in-person events and trading log reviews.

And giving real-time feedback which makes your trading results progress far faster than you trying to figure things out on your own via the trial & error.

We will show you how to skip past common mistakes traders often make...

And help you learn to develop your OWN trading expertise and instincts!

So you DON’T have to learn bad trading habits that hold some traders back for YEARS!

But fair warning…

We only work with people who are fully committed to achieving the next level of financial success for themselves and their families.

And if you’re someone who is constantly looking to get rich quickly…

Then this level of highest coaching from me and Rockwell Trading team may not be for you. 

Because working with me via Rockwell Freedom Mastermind is by application only.

We do this to make sure you have what it takes and are willing to do what’s necessary. 

Plus, due to the high level of personalized attention, we can only work with a very limited number of students at a time.

To see if you qualify to work with me and my team, please complete application by clicking the button below.

"My wife and I joined the MasterMind group in early April. Since then we've grown in our confidence of selecting wheel stocks to trade, what put strike to pick, not being afraid of assignment, when to sell calls, when to sit on our hands,...etc. We have no regrets. It's been a wise investment! We're making 8-10K per month, so we should cover our initial cost in another week or so!"

Roger I.

“I joined the Mastermind Group in December 2020 and it was the best decision I ever made! I have not regretted it for a second! Using the PXO tools are awesome, but being able to trade with Markus and Mark takes it to a whole new level (not to mention they're also fun guys to hang out with while making money). I'm not as far along as others in feeling comfortable enough yet to pick my own trades, so I just take the trades M&M do, but I keep learning and I've also gained a lot of confidence that I can do this (and eventually as my full time job)!!”

Kris W.

“I probably would not be trading if it was not for The Mastermind, being able to have Markus and Mark guide me through especially after having to walk away from it for quite a few months and come back widowed I've been able even though still being quite conservative only using part of my BP, like many others I've exceeded my monthly goal and am now a month ahead , and trust me I would not be if I was doing this completely on my own! The Mastermind community is the absolute best! there are some really great people that are very open honest and helpful in every way. This group even helped me upgrade to the right computer so I can use 3 monitors I may not be crazy about the multi colored keyboard but boy do I love the speed!!”

Linda J.

“I joined last December 2020 and started trading with live money on January 11th. It has been better than I ever could have imagined. I made my investment back within a month and posted several times about my success. I've made 100k in 6 months!”

Theresa T.

“I joined in 2019 and it’s been amazing. The personal coaching I received from Markus along with the Virtual Boardrooms and check in calls have turned me into a trader who is now living off the generated income from trading. I retired at age 51 this past January and it is due to the support I received from Rockwell as part of the Mastermind program. It took my hard work, dedication and coach ability, but without the Rockwell team and the mastermind program, I would not have been able to get where I have gotten in 2 years. It’s an awesome program, software, and community. And the knowledge and commitment of both Mark and Markus is priceless…”

Rika K.

“Have been a long time investor on stocks and mutual funds, but I've been at the mercy of how the markets move, that my investments go up and down in value. Since I joined the Mastermind program in the summer 2020, I learned how to trade options (which I've been staying away from for the last 25 years), I get a consistent return on investment while trading the wheel (the Roth IRA is up 36%ROI and the taxable account 15%ROI, for a combined 28% ROI annualized), and the best part is that you gain confidence as a trader by having Markus and Mark coaching you along the way. Most of our daily coaching calls are directed to trading, but they always come up with new strategies and even topics that will improve your financial life. Every call is fun and interactive.”

Benito P.

I honestly believe I would have blown out my account if I was on my own. I was coached through it. I'm being coached through some difficult trades now. If you are coachable, AND you enjoy stepping off into the wild country with a little hand-holding, Masterminds could be for you. It has been valuable to me!

Rob W.

“I’m a Mastermind member since the beginning of this year and have to say, it’s THE best decision I’ve ever made! I’m trading a 100k account (mostly The Wheel, and some PXO) and have a year-to-date realized profit of 30k! Others made more by trading more aggressively. I chose the Diamond Level which in my opinion is the best choice. By now, it became a part of my life and the routine of joining the Coaching calls and Virtual Board Rooms is just great. I learned a lot and gained confidence. There’s a lot of interesting people in the mastermind group and we help each other. It is like a great family. Markus and Mark are great coaches and always respond to your questions. Hope that helped. See you on the other side!”

Peter S.

“I joined the Mastermind program earlier this year. With the mentoring and help of the group my trading results are getting better week over week. I made back my investment in less than 6 weeks, but even if it had taken me much longer the increase in my confidence and feeling secure that my decision to retire and start trading full time next year is the right one for me would have made the cost worth it. Also, for me, putting that much $ where my mouth was, so to speak gave me another push to truly treat my trading as a business and not a "side gig". Committed me to ensuring success.”

Sheryl L.


The Rockwell Freedom Mastermind Is Our Top Tier Programs Where You Get Access To Me & My Head Trading Coach Every Week



6 Month Membership

Here's what's included:

  • 54 Group Coaching Calls
    • 36 Check-In Calls
    • 18 Fundamental Calls
  • 18 Group Strategy Calls
  • 6 4-Day Virtual Group Online Trading
  • Trading Log
  • Access To All Rockwell Courses (while enrolled)



12 Month Membership

Here's what's included:

  • 108 Group Coaching Calls
    • 72 Check-In Calls
    • 36 Fundamental Calls
  • 36 Group Strategy Calls
  • 9 4-Day Virtual Group Online Trading
  • 3 4-Day In Person Live Trading
  • 12 Personal 1x1 Calls
  • Trading Log and Trading Log Review
  • Access To All Rockwell Courses 


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