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Trading Seminar

June 25th & 26th 2022

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The Event Speakers

Markus Heitkoetter

Markus Heitkoetter

Founder Rockwell Trading

Mark Hodge

Mark Hodge

Head Trading Coach

Brian Nieves

Master of Ceremonies

PowerX Optimizer Mastery

How to use PXO to trade the market no matter what it does: up, down or sideways

A+ Trade Selection

Learn how to find "A+ Trades" and avoid being stopped out within 1-2 days

When To Trade With Leverage

Learn exactly how the Rockwell Traders choose whether to trades stocks or options

Creating The "Can't Lose" Trade

How to combine conservative and optimized exits for "can't lose" trades

Make Your Money Work Harder

How to use Money Management to grow your account

Options 101

How to trade options even if you never placed and options trade


Practical exercises so that you know exactly how to best use the software

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Join us for an upcoming 2 day online trading seminar where we'll take you through our time-tested, proven strategies for consistently growing any account sizes. This is the perfect opportunity to "level-up" your trading skills!

2 Day Online Trading Seminar


2 Day Live Trading Seminar where you can hone your skill using the PowerX Optimizer and watch as our experts place live trades.

“Everything was clarified at this event. It was absolutely fantastic! I highly, highly, recommend it.”

Christian G.

Markus is arguably one of the best educators I encountered as he caters to a wide range of traders with various levels of knowledge and experience. As an engineer, what I like is that there is a science behind PowerX, even though you end up “Trading what you see, NOT what you think”! Highly recommended!!

Albert De Beer

Of my 13 completed Wheel trades, based upon the PowerX Optimizer since then, I have 100% winners! I have been really impressed with the PowerX Optimizer, Rockwell Trading's staff and the PowerX Optimizer community.

Stan H.

“We definitely believe that it's worth every penny. I wouldn't try to trade unless you get the coaching. And Mark and Markus are amazing, they know what they're doing!”

Joseph & Maria

Bought your course and never looked back. I was already aware of The Wheel strategy but couldn´t piece all the information I had together. The PXO software you have created has given me the support and discipline required in this game. I now have the tools for a brighter future. Thank you

Paul Cumberland

I have had a lot of winning trades and one loss I have been trading the pxo 2.0 and not had a losing trade at all.

Steve K.

“Joining Rockwell Trading's Mastermind was like winning the lottery for me. With the mastermind service it is like being taken by the hand and guided thru a mine field.”

Monica G.

I wish I had PowerX Optimizer 3 months ago instead of spending twice the price on another known site that maybe gave me one trade a week and half the time. I wouldn't be here today if not for Paul Harper who made the understanding of how your software operates so easy and simple. Your software and customer service are amazing!

Jeff Fidler

I recently purchased PowerX Optimizer and I’m very excited to unlock its full potential. I have been trading with mixed results for over 5 years and have been looking for a systematic approach that would allow me to consistently grow my account. I strongly believe I have finally found the system I have long been looking for.

Aaron Emory

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June 25th & 26th 2022