Tired of Playing Nerve-Wrecking Guessing Games in The Market

And Trading with a Flip-Coin Approach

That Leave You Frustrated & Overwhelmed?

The PowerX Optimizer – that has been battle-tested in the real world for the last 10+ years – will filter out the noise for you and give you a list of the best stocks to trade.

It also eliminates the guesswork of trying to predict whether a price of a stock will go up or down.
Because with our math-based trading system, you’ll know the exact timing of every trade you’re going to make ahead of time.

Trading doesn’t have to be hard, 

you just need the right data-driven system

to help you make the best trading decisions.

Scans Over 18,000 Stocks & ETFs

There's no need to scourge the markets for countless hours looking for trade opportunities. The math can do the work for you.

Our patent-pending software scans 12,000+ US stocks, 5,000+ Canadian stocks, and 140+ cryptocurrencies according to our proprietary algorithm — to give you only the best trades that fit our strict technical criteria. So all you have left to do is make a decision and pull the trigger.

Entry, Profit Targets, and Stop Loss - All Provided for You

No more guesswork or swinging for the fences. You'll have a clear setup before entering any trade.

Prior to revealing the software to the public, we conducted an enormous study. Our team crunched trillions of data points on nearly every stock. And we figured out common patterns for best returns and minimal losses. Using it is like having an army of analysts at your fingertips doing the research for you.

Backtested Data for Each Stock

You'll have the ability to see potential performance over the last 2 years for every stock according to software recommendations.

Thanks to decades of backtested data that we downloaded into the system, results are statistically validated to help guide traders to the most optimal choices. For each stock, you’ll see your potential trades & performance over the last 2 years if you followed PowerX Optimizer recommendations. 

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight

In the market, you’re trading against the brightest traders in the world.

You’re trading against professional traders. And you’re trading against JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs. 

This is why it’s our mission at Rockwell Trading to level up the playing field and help everyday people to put odds in their favor. 

Think about it… 

If you were playing a blackjack in Vegas, would you like to have a device that actually tells you based on the cards that have been played and what others players are doing… exactly what your odds are and what should be your next move? 

In Blackjack, if you can calculate odds and probabilities, you can actually make money.

It’s the same thing in trading!

Most people lose in the market because they’re just winging it.  

But with The PowerX Optimizer you will know exactly what to trade and when to trade it based on math. 

Excellent tool for making stock and option choices to buy. Gives you all the information you need. Updates are included in the price of the software, no additional fees.

- Mike C, Verified Trustpilot Review

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Manage your trades with scientific precision

The PowerX Optimizer will completely change your outlook on trading

Unlike humans, computer algorithms don't have emotions or false beliefs that can cloud their judgment. They never get tired and can run calculations 24/7 to filter out the noise and deliver results based on the raw numbers alone.

This is why the big banks like Barclays, Chase, Credit Suisse and others provide their traders with tools similar to ours.

Before The PowerX Optimizer the everyday person would NEVER get access to something like this!

Hedge-Fund Grade Trading System

Live Data

We're getting the live data straight from the exchanges so that you can always make most accurate trading decisions.

Proprietary Technology

The patent-pending PowerX Optimizer is based on a complex combination of indicators. And over the years it has proven to determine which stocks are more likely to go up or down.  

Stocks & Options Scanner 

Every day, when the market closes, we're getting new data from the exchanges. This is when our patent-pending algorithm starts running calculations to come up with the best stocks to trade. Every night we're running around 4.8 M calculations. And then storing it all inside our database. 

Lifetime Updates

You get LIFETIME access to our trading system. No continued fees. No once-a-year renewals. Just one time payment and that's it. And we have new features constantly rolling out and we don't have any intention on slowing down anytime soon.

Advanced Filters

Our trading system selects the best stocks specifically for you. It considers your account size and your risk tolerance. But you can narrow your search even further.

As far as we know, no other system does this for you. 

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Interface

Anyone can use this tool, no matter their experience, or age. It takes only a few minutes to look at recommendations and place your trades. You don't need to stare at the charts all day, freak out whether you should get out of the trade or not, or guess how much your position size should be. 

The mathematics behind the system are complicated.

But findings are easy to follow.


But that's not all...

              The PowerX Optimizer comes with             a private educational vault, which includes:

  • The Wheel Master Class
    This intensive training course will give you a deep dive into Markus Heitkoetter's top income trading strategy, which has a 99% win rate over 6 months and over 100 trades taken. You'll also learn Stock Picking Secrets so you know exactly what Markus is considering when he's taking or steering clear of a stock. Plus, watch on-demand recordings of Markus and Mark trading the Wheel with real money in live markets.
  • PowerX Debit Spreads Workshop
    Learn how to trade debit spreads like a pro with this on-demand workshop from Markus Heitkoetter. During this workshop, you'll learn how to reduce your risk and use debit spreads to trade large priced stocks even if you have just a couple thousand dollars.  No matter what account size you have, small or a larger one (>$100k), this strategy can help grow your money consistently without swinging for the fence.

  • The PowerX Master Class
    This comprehensive training course provides everything you need to know about choosing the best stocks, reading charts, and staying calm under pressure. Markus Heitkoetter, one of the top trading experts in the world, will share his secrets about his favorite growth strategy. You'll learn how to pick winning stocks using the PowerX Optimizer, read charts like a pro, and avoid costly mistakes. His easy-to-understand style teaching style will make complex concepts easy to grasp, and his actionable tips will help take your trading to the next level. 
  • New Feature Training
    We’re constantly updating The PowerX Optimizer with a bunch of new features and improvements. Lately, we’ve added a huge development, something we’ve been working on for quite some time.
    In this On-Demand Training, Markus & Mark will walk you through all the new features added to PowerX Optimizer & how they’re using them in their own trading on real-life examples.
  • LIVE New Member Orientation
    During this live orientation, active trader and Rockwell Freedom Mastermind member, Paul Harper will walk you through the ins and outs of the software so you're up and trading quickly. You’ll learn how to choose the best stocks, quick start your trading, and get your questions answered LIVE from someone who is actively trading using the software.

  • And much much more!
    In fact, there're 12 Training Modules with tons of content. Log into your educational vault and walk through each. They cover everything from A to Z. How to use PowerX Optimizer, deep dive into our two core strategies, and bonus resources that every traders needs, including trading plan template and money management guide. Going through these modules is like following a recipe. It’s that easy.

And more importantly…

You’ll be joining an Active Community of Like-Minded People.

Trading doesn't have to be a lonely journey. In our VIP group you’ll surround yourself with like-minded people in a highly active community. PowerX Traders come from all over the world and share one common goal: becoming the best traders they can be. 

And because you're all looking at the same signals, you can learn faster and make better trading decisions.

With thousands of people interacting daily — asking trading questions, getting helpful answers, networking — staying accountable and on track has never been easier.

Everything Included:

  • The PowerX Optimizer | Software | Value $2997
  • The Wheel Master Class | On-Demand Class | Value $997
  • Wheel Income Scanner | Software | Value $997
  • PowerX Debit Spreads | On-Demand Class | Value $997
  • New Feature Training | On-Demand Training | Value $197
  • New Member Orientation | Live Training | Value $197
  • Wheel Income Calculator | Software | Value $997
  • The PowerX Master Class | On-Demand Class | Value $997
  • PowerX VIP Group | Community | Value $497
  • Lifetime Software Updates | Software | Value $997

$9,870 $1,997


What Existing PowerX Traders Are Saying...

I have been using the PowerX optimizer and the PowerX strategy for a little over a month. The strategy and the software are very effective and Marcus provides plenty of coaching and support through his YouTube videos, and the private Facebook group. The main thing to learn from this strategy is that losses will occur but to keep them small and maximize the gains. Following this strategy it is very realistic to expect a 60% gain annually.

Todd K.

Verified Trustpilot Review


I believe the Power X Optimizer is a great software tool for trading. It is very user friendly and includes a help manual AND videos - which many software packages do not. It gives choices to the trader and is not just a "spoon feeding" system. The user actually learns how to choose a stock or option, how to enter and how to exit. It is and excellent resource. The support staff is awesome and usually responds within 24 hours if not sooner. The training is excellent and if you prefer to heighten your trading skills even further, there is always the Mastermind group. The entire Rockwell staff and members are one big family and always welcome more family members.

Cathy D.

Verified Trustpilot Review


Learning from Markus and Mark has been a game changer for me. I have learned so much since I have started trading the Rockwell strategies and the money management that goes with it. Not only is my trading now profitable, but I am having fun as part of the trading community at Rockwell.

I thank particularly Markus and Mark for all the great life tradings, check in calls and the recent PUT and Options trading classes! Both Markus and Mark are exceptional coaches and they LOVE what they are doing.

Zena D.

Verified Trustpilot Review


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that The PowerX Optimizer can help you achieve your financial goals, that I’m giving you my 30-Day IRONCLAD MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

If for any reason over the next 30 days you’re not ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED with The PowerX Optimizer Bundle — you can simply let us know, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

There’s absolutely zero risk for you to join us today. 

Markus Heitkoetter

Founder, Rockwell Trading


Start Trading With PowerX

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need to start trading?

We suggest starting with no less than $10,000 in your account. If you're not quite there, no worries! We're not going anywhere.

How much time will this take each day?

This is one of our system's "claim to fame." Over the last 10 years I've refined the system so that it should take less than 15 minutes to find high-probability stock and option trade setups

How do I access the courses?

You will receive an email after purchase requesting you join the course. This will give you access within our member's area, which you will receive information on how to access it.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! We want to make sure everyone that purchases The PowerX Optimizer is totally satisfied, so within 30 days if you decide it's not for you just let us know and we'll provide a full refund with no hassle.

What if I have no experience?

No problem! I train thousands of traders every year that have never taken a single trade when we first meet. Just last year we taught a pilot and he has now replaced 50% of his income trading using The PowerX Optimizer.

How much money can I make?

This is very common question, but doesn't really have a set answer. Ultimately, there are too many variables, but following my strategy it's possible to aggressively grow even the smallest of accounts. The software provides risk/reward for every stock it scans, so you know the potential before you ever enter the trade.