How To Analyze ANY Stock or ETF
In 3 Seconds And KNOW EXACTLY
Whether You Should BUY, SELL or HOLD It

If you own ANY stock or ETF, then THIS is for you...

There's no doubt: The markets are more volatile than ever. In 2014 the markets made new all-time highs almost weekly - until they gave back all of the year's gains in the first two weeks in October 2014.

How does this volatility affect YOU?

Are the stocks in your portfolio bouncing all over the place - winning some and losing some - but never really take off?

Have you ever wondered how some investors are beating the indices by finding stocks that quickly increase in value?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could analyze ANY stock in a few seconds and get an objective view on whether you should BUY, HOLD or SELL the stock?

And wouldn't it be nice if you knew EXACTLY when to sell a stock and take profits BEFORE it turns around again?

Here's The Big MISTAKE Of Investors

The biggest mistake of investors is that they are NOT reacting to the ever-changing markets.

Let me explain:

Back in the 80s and 90s, the stock market had only ONE direction: UP.

Take a look at the chart below. You could throw a dart at a newspaper to pick a stock and you would have made money!

In only 10 short years, the value of most stocks QUINTUPLED.

In 2000, Everything Changed

In the year 2000, when the Internet Bubble burst, everything changed.

After the bubble the S&P 500 lost half of its value. It then took 12 years before finally getting back to the levels we had back in 2000. In the meantime, many investors saw their portfolio bouncing up and down.

In 2013 and for most of 2014, investors hoped that the markets were back to normal. But it took just 2 weeks in October 2014 for the major indices to give up most of their gains.

The question is: Will the markets resume their uptrend and make new all-time highs? Or can we expect the same behavior that we saw between 1999 and 2012?

The ONLY Way To Invest In Stocks!

Nobody knows what will happen.

But one thing is for sure: The markets are more volatile than ever, and the "buy-and-hold approach" that worked in the 80s and 90s is no longer working.

These days you MUST watch your portfolio at least weekly, and adjust it as needed. Otherwise the value of your portfolio could quickly drop by 50%!

The good news: It has never been easier to manage your own portfolio and run circles around your portfolio manager.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Commissions for trading stocks are cheaper than ever!
  • Years ago you had to pay $10 - $20 to place a trade. These days it costs as little as $0.50 to trade 100 shares. Therefore commissions are no longer a major cost factor, making it MUCH easy for you to adjust positions as needed.

  • Placing an order has never been easier!
    Do you remember the times when you had to call your broker to place an order? And all the "free advice" he gave you about your order, e.g. "I wouldn't sell that now". Fortunately, these days are over. Now you can place an order with the click of a button - almost ANY time you want - and without the great advice of your broker.
  • Analyzing a stock is now a matter of seconds!
    New technology makes it easier than ever to analyze a stock to determine whether you should buy, hold or sell. You no longer have to sift through the Wall Street Journal or watch the talking heads on TV to find the next "hot stock tip". Simply use your computer and software to make informed decisions.

How To Analyze ANY Stock or ETF
In 3 Seconds Flat And KNOW EXACTLY
Whether You Should BUY, SELL or HOLD It

Take a look at the video below to see how quickly you can analyze ANY stock or ETF and the strategy we use to get EXACT buy or sell signals.

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