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(PLUS State of the Market Update from Markus, Q&Aand More!)
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Dear Friend,

Markus Heitkoetter here. 

Listen, trading is hard…  

It takes plenty of time and money to get it right. 

And even after you figured it out… it still requires plenty of effort each day. 

Some people make it work. But most don't… 

This fact has always made me furious

And here's why...

You see this official document below?

It's an annual financial statement from JP Morgan.

And it clearly says that during 2020, one of the most financially challenging years EVER when everybody was losing their shirts… Wall Street's bank had only FOUR losing days in the market.

A year prior? ONE!

And in 2018, they had a bad year actually… because there were a whole FIVE days when they lost money. Which means even during their "worst" year, they still were consistently profitable for the rest of them.

Yes, I know that might sound odd.

Because according to general consensus, it's "impossible" to be consistently profitable over the long-term in the market.

But as I just showed you, that's not actually the case.

Wall Street insiders are making money in the markets almost every single day.

And it's not because they're "smarter" than you…

They are able to do it because they simply have access to the information and tools that the general public does not.

And that's why I'm here today…

You see, over the last 25+ years I've taken trading strategies that used to be reserved for Wall Street elites…

And turned them into a systematic, repeatable and consistent way to make money in the markets for regular people just like you.

Just ask one of my students, Adam.

He was thrilled enough with my strategies to write me… 

This is what it's all about… repeatable success.

You don't have to worry about which way the market is going.

And with my risk management system, you will sleep well at night knowing your trades can't blow up your account.

What kind of impact would that stress-free income have on your financial future?

You could use it to pay off your car or home…

Set aside for a nice vacation every year…
Or put them into your bank account and simply watch your money grow.

Whatever you decide to do with your money, I know one thing… when you learn these strategies it could change your life forever.

So if you are struggling to make consistent income from the market or not getting the results you want…

I want to invite you to attend my private 2-Day Online Trading Seminar on December 4th & 5th.

Where I'm going to teach you LIVE an in-depth master class on time-tested strategies to being a consistently profitable trader.

Actually, here's a little taste of what's inside…

- How to Target A+ Trades Every Single Time

Anybody can get lucky and pocket a big winner. But how do you stay consistently profitable over years or even decades? Tune in and learn about proven A+ setups that helped me to stay profitable no matter the market condition.

- How to Use Leverage for Massive Returns (And When to Avoid It Like a Fire)

Leverage is a very important and powerful principle in all of finance. Unfortunately, it's also one of the best kept financial secrets and few understand it. Those who do, stand a chance to become very rich. In this module, you'll learn everything you need to know about using leverage safely.

 - How to Use Money Management to Limit Your Risk Exposure and "Bulletproof" Your Portfolio

Money management is probably the most important and most overlooked part of trading. It can literally make or break a trader's career.

Now, get ready to learn the final piece of the trading puzzle you’ve been missing all along.

- Personal 1-on-1 time with Rockwell Trading strategists

Our team of trading strategists will be there for you. They'll assess your particular situation and help you plan and strategize for your success.

 - State of the Market Update

The world is changing fast. And when it comes to being a successful trader, it's critical to understand exactly what's happening. I'm going to address the key issues in the market and share what they could mean for your portfolio.

 - Q&A

Opportunity to ask your most pressing questions to me and the Rockwell Trading team.

 - And much more! 

Just imagine the value in not having to make ALL the trading mistakes. Instead, you go right to what works while leapfrogging everybody else.

You will have a much higher chance to become a consistently profitable trader and supplement your income, and without all the stress.

However, if you don't sign up right now… you might miss this opportunity forever.

Because we want to give personal attention to everyone attending, we're limiting this event to just a small number of people.

And when these seats are gone… they are gone.

Plus, this will be our last event of the year and I don't know when we plan to do another one... They're a lot of work to put together.

So you need to hurry up and reserve your spot right now.

All you have to do is click the button below.

Thanks for reading.

And I hope to see you inside. 

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