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This is the craziest thing I've ever done and you're going to love it!

The Rockwell Trading LEGACY... 

Let me tell you a quick story:

It was the last Sunday in July, when everything changed!

I was driving 2,002 miles from Austin, TX to Cape Cod, MA, because my 14-year old son Julius had two sailing regattas in the next couple of weeks.

So we loaded our 32-foot trailer with his boat, a motorboat, my Harley Davidson (for fun) and a bunch of gear and got on the road.

It took us a full day just to get out of Texas, and we made our way through Arkansas, Kentucky and Virginia. We stopped for a few hours in the Shenandoah National Park and admired the breath-taking views from 3,500 ft. elevation.

We also made a final stop in Washington, DC and toured the city for a few hours before we got back on the road.

And so it began…

First we got through Delaware, where we had to pay toll twice.

Our journey continued through New Jersey, where we had to pay $47.50 in tolls.

And then we hit the George Washington Bridge in New York, where they charged us $84 just to cross the bridge!

When it was all said and done, we paid more than $150 in tolls during the last 7 hours of our trip.​

And I felt ripped off!

After passing the George Washington Bridge and paying $84 (!!!) in toll, I screamed “When will this ever end??”

Don’t get me wrong: I’m doing financially ok, so $150 are not taking away my lunch money.

But I felt trapped and it felt I was taken for a ride.

Especially since the roads in New York were the worst!

The car and the trailer bounced from one pothole to another.

I just paid $84 in tolls, and I was on the crappiest road of the whole trip!​

I definitely didn’t get my money’s worth, that’s for sure!

Do you sometimes feel the same when it comes to “trading education?”

You are buying a course, and then they tell you that you also need to buy the indicators. Or there’s another upsell into a more expensive course or training.

And at the end of the day, you’re spending more and more money on education and yet your trading is still not improving?

Sounds familiar?

Well, THIS is what happened to me in the beginning of my trading career.​

It's Time To STOP The Insanity...

And that night, on the George Washington Bridge in New York, I made a drastic decision...

I decided to offer all of my trading products, every course, every indicator, every software package for one low investment.

No more “pay tolls every few miles.”

One single low investment, and you will get access to all my products and services forever...and your hands on my trading legacy!

I decided to offer The Rockwell Trading LEGACY for ALL OF MY PRODUCTS,
every course, every indicator, all software ~ NOW & FOREVER ~

Before I tell you the most important thing about this offer, let me tell you...​

Here’s exactly what you’re getting:

Here’s a complete list of all the courses, software packages and services that you are getting:

The Rockwell Trading Club
(reg. price $997)

For ALL Traders: The Rockwell Trading Club is my flagship product. Inside the Club, you will find 46 trading courses...

In short: The Rockwell Trading Club gives you the most comprehensive trading education ever! (Well, at least that’s my opinion.)

I might be biased, because I created it, but when you look at the list above, you will agree that it’s pretty awesome, right? 🙂

But it gets even better…​

The PowerX Analyzer
(reg. price $2997)

For Stocks & Options Traders: This exclusive software automatically scans 13,000 stocks every day and finds the one with the highest profit potential.

After optimizing the list, you will get a short-list of only 3-5 stocks that have the best trading opportunity.

In addition, the PowerX Analyzer Software will…​

  • Tell you the exact entry price when you enter a stock (eliminate the guesswork)
  • Show you how to limit your risk by applying a stop loss (limit your risk)
  • Let you know when to take profits (never leave money on the table again)
  • Tell you the best position size based on your account and risk preference (know EXACTLY how many stocks to trade)
  • Show you the past performance of the stock so that you can make the best decision,

… all in just 15 min a day!

PLUS, PowerXAnalyzer will also show you…

  • The best option to trade
  • The “perfect” expiration date
  • The estimated risk and reward when trading the option
  • … and presents you with the 3 “best” options to trade (instead of hundreds!)

This software is perfect for beginners, since it makes getting started with trading simple.

And it’s perfect for advanced traders, because this tool can help you to make even better trading decisions!

We also include...​

The Binary Options Signal System
(reg. price $564 per year)

For ALL Traders: Are you trading Binary Options yet? If not, you’re missing out!

Binary Options are perfect for beginners are traders with small accounts, because you can start trading Binary Options with as little at $1,000.

And using Binary Options, we were able to double our trading account in just a few months in 2017!

PLUS: You can trade Binary Options even if you’re busy during the day.

Our text alert service sends you a text message whenever we see an opportunity to trade Binary Options.​

All the signals that we are sending out have a probability of success of at least 74% !

When you receive a text alert from us, simply log into the trading platform using your smartphone, tablet or computer and place the trade.

It will take less than 15 seconds, so you can do it even while you are in a meeting!

Don’t miss out on one of the hottest trends in the trading industry.

Oh, before I forget: We only trade Binary Options on the North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX) here in the US, which is highly regulated.

So forget whatever horror stories you might have heard about Binary Options with these overseas bucket shops - THIS is legit! 🙂

But wait, there’s more…​

Rockwell Trading Indicators 
(reg. price $197)

For Day Traders: Setting up your charts the “right” way makes trading a lot easier!

Take the guesswork out of trading with clear entry and exit signals.

Here’s how I personally set up my charts for trading:​

Here's what I like to do with my charts:

  • Colored Bars
    I use the MACD trading indicator to identify bullish and bearish market conditions. Green Bars mean bullish market conditions, Red Bars mean bearish market conditions and Black Bars mean neutral market conditions. The color of the bar is NOT an entry signal in itself. It's just an "early warning signal". When I see green bars, I look for LONG trades and when I see red bars, I look for SHORT trades.
  • Green and Red Triangles
    I use the the RSI trading indicator to determine the strength of a trend. In a strong uptrend, I plot Green Triangles underneath the green bars. And in a strong downtrend, I plot Red Triangles above the red bars. This way I can easily determine when a strong trend starts and when it loses its momentum.
  • Support and Resistance Lines
    There are five (5) important support and resistance levels on my chart. These horizontal lines are automatically plotted on my chart at the beginning of the day. And as you can see in the example above, often these levels hold as support or resistance. I need to know these levels so that I don't trade right into support or resistance.
  • Profit Targets and Stop Losses
    On top of the screen you'll see "SS Target" written in green, and "SS Stop" written in red. These are my exit points for the market I'm watching. The stop loss and profit target are dynamically calculated based on the Average Daily Range. I like to take as much guesswork out of trading as I can. Therefore I use these values as so-called "bracket orders" on my trading platform and put my trades on autopilot, so that I don't over-manage my trades. I like to know when to exit a trade before I enter it. This way it's easy for me to determine my position size and take emotions out of my trading.
  • Yellow Highlight Zones For The "Best" Trading Time
    I personally like to trade the first two hours after the US stock markets open, i.e. from 9:30 - 11:30am Eastern Time (New Tork Time). The yellow highlighted zone shows the bars that are within my preferred trading time, so that I don't miss any trades.

The setup above helps me to make quick trading decisions.

No more analysis paralysis!

My charts are clearly telling me when to enter and exit a trade.

If you have any of the following charting software packages, then the Rockwell Trading Indicators are a no-brainer for you: You MUST have them!

Supported Charting Software

  • TradeStation
  • ThinkOrSwim
  • TradeNavigator
  • SierraChart

​Get these indicators now and simplify your trading!

But this is not all!

We also include…​

Rockwell LIVE Trading Summit
(reg. price $4,997)

Last year, we started holding Live Events in Texas and Florida.

Hundreds of traders have attended these events and gave us raving feedback.

Take a look at this 3 min video:​

With The Rockwell Trading Legacy, you can attend any of the Rockwell LIVE Trading Summits that we are holding worldwide as often as you want! (a $4997 value)

We are holding 3-Day LIVE Summits in Texas, Florida, Las Vegas, California, Singapore…

... and we are planning to come to Canada, Australia and England in the near future.

And when you invest in The Rockwell Trading Legacy, you can attend any one of these events for free!

As I said: no more holding back:

With The Rockwell Trading Legacy, you are getting access to every product that we are offering for a low one-time investment.

But it gets even better:
You Will Get Access
To All Future Products That We Release!

Yes, that’s right:

When you invest in The Rockwell Trading Legacy, you will get access to every product that we ever release: today, next month, next years, … it doesn’t matter.

That’s why I call this The Rockwell Trading Legacy!

Think about it:

No more marketing emails!

No more memberships!

No more … NOTHING.

All products are included!

(Ok, quick disclaimer here: Our High-Level Mastermind Programs and Inner Circle Programs that are $25,000 - $65,000 per year are obviously excluded! If you are interested in these exclusive programs, please contact us.)

But wait…. It gets even better!

PLUS, you get ALL our past Rockwell LIVE event recordings!

Until now, the recordings to these Live Events were only available to VIP customers or Mastermind Members....

… but with The Rockwell Trading Legacy we are making them available to you, too!

Rockwell Live Event Recordings (reg. price $1,000)​

“THIS is Awesome. I’m in!
How much is it?”

Before I reveal the low one-time investment, let me recap what you’re getting:

You will get access to …

    • The Rockwell Trading Club (reg. price $997)
    • The PowerXAnalyzer (reg. price $2997)
    • The Rockwell NeuroAnalyzer (reg. price $997)
    • The Binary Options Signal System (reg. price $564 per year)
    • The Rockwell Trading Indicators (reg. price $197)
    • Rockwell Live Event Recordings (reg. price $1,000)
    • Tickets for our 3-day Live Trading Bootcamp (reg. price $4997)
    • Monthly Coaching Sessions with Markus and Mark (reg. price $2,400 per year)
    • PLUS Access to all future products (probably worth $10,000 - at least!)
    • … and we have a few more surprises for our valued Rockwell Legacy customers 🙂

As you can see, the total value of all these products is more than $17,649 (and that’s a conservative estimate)

And when you decided to take advantage of this crazy offer today, you only pay $997.

Yep, that’s right:

You only pay a low one-time investment of $997 and you will get instant access to all these products PLUS tickets to Live Events and all future products!​

Get Instant Access
~ Now & FOREVER ~

Regular Price: $17,649

Yours Now For $997

Do that now, before I come to my senses and change my mind!​ 🙂

Markus Heitkoetter
Trader, Rockwell Trading  Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this work for complete beginners?
A: Yes! Complete beginners should start with Binary Options and PowerX since we do all the heavy lifting for you and you can start trading with as little as $500.

Q: Does this work for experienced traders?
A: Yes! Experienced traders love trading the Rockwell Strategies and implementing the advanced systems and tools only Rockwell Trading offers...like the Simple Strategy and NeuroAnalyzer.

Q: Does my age or education matter?
A: Age doesn't matter. We have traders from 18 and up, and even a few men and women in their 70's & 80's. We have people from every walk of life, from PHD's to high-school dropouts. All it takes is a passion for doing something special and a positive mindset.

Q: Does this only work for trading stocks and options?
A: In this The Rockwell Trading Legacy, we have something for EVERY trader:
ALL Traders: Rockwell Trading Club, Binary Options Alerts
Stocks & Options Traders: Rockwell Trading Club, PowerX Analyzer, NeuroAnalyzer
Day Traders: Rockwell Trading Club, Rockwell Indicators
Options Traders: Rockwell Trading Club, PowerX Analyzer
Futures Traders: Rockwell Trading Club, Day Trading Quick Start Kit
Binary Options Traders: Rockwell Trading Club, Binary Options Alerts

Q: Does the software work on Mac?
A: The software runs on PC only. Which means that if you have a Mac, you will need to install Parallels + Windows in order to run the software. However, we find that most traders have an old PC or PC laptop laying around and they use that. Our servers are doing all the work, so an old PC works just fine to run the software.

Q: Are there any ongoing monthly fees or upgrade fees for the software?
A: No! Markus hates monthly fees and upgrade fees! This one time offer covers all the data fees and upgrades forever! They are all included in this one time package

Q: Does the software autotrade for me?
A: PowerX finds the trades for you and tells you when to enter and exit. You place the trades in the brokerage account of your choice.

Q: Does the software work with all brokers?
A: Yes! Because PowerX finds the trades and tells you when to enter and exit. You place the trades in the brokerage account of your choice.

Q: Do I have to buy anything else?
A: No! That's why this is The Rockwell Legacy. We want you to have the best tools and systems to give you a solid basis for a lifetime of trading PLUS ongoing LIVE training and support! [Please note that our high-level Coaching, Mentorships, Private Workshops, Mastermind and Inner Circle are excluded.]