After eight months of humiliating loss and wasting thousands on guru trading courses, I was angry, frustrated. And ready to quit. What was I doing wrong!? Then a breakthrough. Everything changed. Within 4 months losses were recovered. And I was on track to earn a great living trading.

If you’ve been trading for a while - and not getting the results you want...

This Is The Most Important Letter You’ll EVER Read Before Making Your Next Trade


Dear friend and fellow trader,

In the corporate world I was a huge success. At age 32 I was a director at IBM and about to become the youngest executive vice president in IBMs history.

I had a fat six-figure income and a big expense account. I flew first-class all over the world. I wined and dined clients at 5-star restaurants.

And routinely inked multi-million dollar deals.

In other words…

I was one of the biggest winners… in one of the biggest companies on earth. And believe me, I love to win.

But there was trouble in paradise.

By 2002 the thrill was gone. I was tired of traveling six-days a week. Tired of being away from my family. And sick and tired of the constant stress and never- ending pressure that comes with any job… especially a job like that.

Seduction Addiction & Slavery

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had been seduced by the illusion of security.

I gave the job my best 60 or 70 hours a week. And my family got leftovers. A few tired weekend hours at best.

Worse yet… I had become an addict.

No… not drugs or anything like that.

I was addicted to a paycheck. A nice, fat, regular paycheck… big enough to keep me working like there’s no tomorrow… but with terms and conditions that made the freedom I longed for impossible.

I had traded my life for a paycheck. I was a slave in an expensive suit with an expense account. And there’s no dignity or happiness in being a slave to what you do for a living.

4,000 Jobs

Gone In the Blink of an Eye...

In 2002 when IBM and Price Waterhouse Coopers merged, IBM cut 4,000 jobs in the blink of an eye. Just like that. Employed today. On the street tomorrow.

My job was safe because I closed deals and made the company money. They loved me. I could have stayed forever.

But the stress of being away from my family, and the shock of so many friends and coworkers being tossed to the curb like bags of garbage, pushed me over the edge. Suddenly it was clear. There’s no such thing as job security. It’s an illusion!

If you work for someone and have no other source of income, you’re in the same boat as the 4,000 who thought their income was secure… right up until it wasn’t.
This had to change!

I refused to expose my family to this kind of risk any longer.

I needed to be in control of my income. My time. And my life.

So my wife and I discussed it. And agreed.

No more slavery!

I resigned from IBM. And kissed the paycheck and the illusion of security goodbye.

We had enough money to live without income for a year. So I had one year to develop my skill at trading to the point I could make a living at it.

We moved to Austin Texas because we like the area.

And because Austin is home to dozens of big corporations … any of which could hire me if I failed at trading and needed a safety-net.

I was no novice. I had traded off and on since 1989. And done fairly well.

But play days were over.

The freedom to live life on my own terms and come and go as I please… and our family’s entire financial future was on the line. This was real.

My wife and I agreed. If by the end of one-year, I wasn’t earning enough trading to support our new life in Austin, all bets were off.

I’d surrender. Slap on the handcuffs. And return to the prison of a corporate job.

The adventure begins...

I spent a couple of grand on a hot new trading course by the guru du jour. Plowed through it ten-hours a day for two days to master the material. And boldly began!

I entered the market poised. Confident. And armed with a bucket full of trading strategies guaranteed to make me rich. It was a glorious day!

Results Were Fast & Amazing...

I couldn’t believe how fast everything happened.

I was amazed! The first week alone I lost 7% of my entire portfolio.

The second week was worse.

After a few weeks I had a 40% drawdown in my account.

So I stopped. Something had to change or I’d blow my entire account and be looking for a job before the end of the second month.

When The Going Gets Tough...
Traders Buy New Systems

When a trader hits a losing streak… we buy another system. We attend another seminar. We pay a guru big bucks to show us how it’s reallydone.

So I spent money. Worshiped at the guru’s feet. And tried again.

And again. And again.

When Demons Whisper in Your Ear

Eight months after leaving IBM I was failing. Not making a living. Losing money.

I was angry, frustrated and upset. I had never failed at anything!

I had never worked so hard and accomplished so little.

I’m a winner dammit! How can this even be happening to me!?

The demons of self-doubt hovered around me like storm clouds ready to unleash a tempest. But they had stopped whispering in my ear.

Now they were screaming in my face!

What’s the matter with you? You’re not cut out for this. It was stupid to think you could ever do it in the first place.

You’ll never get rich trading! Quit dreaming! Stop putting your family at risk. Be smart. Do the right thing. Cut your losses. Give it up. Get a job!

Hi… my name is Markus Heitkoetter.

If I had listened to those demons ten years ago, if I had surrendered to their call… my life would have turned out dramatically different.

  • First, I’d have no control of my time. Instead I’d be marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.
  • I’d be angry at myself because I turned my back on my dreams and sold out in exchange for a paycheck that could never give me the life I wanted.
  • My trading skills would have never developed and I’d be missing out on what can be one of the highest paying activities a human can engage in.
  • I wouldn’t be trading a few hours a day… easily supporting our great lifestyle complete with toys, travel and plenty of money to fund investments.
  • I wouldn’t have a quarter of the wealth I’ve accumulated since then, because with a pay-check, (even a good one), and no time, building wealth is difficult.
  • Specifically… I wouldn’t have 9 real estate investments funded by my trading that net me $15,723 a month in passive residual income… and growing.
  • I wouldn’t be able to share what I learned about cutting loss to the bone… or share the rules I developed that helped me blow past all my income goals.
  • I wouldn’t be able to light the path so you can avoid mistakes and not have to suffer the pain I suffered to learn the lessons that turned things around.

And finally… I wouldn’t have founded the Rockwell Trading Club where I share exactly how I make an excellent living trading. And update everything monthly.

Bottom line…

While trading is risky and loss is common, my trading income dwarfs what most business owners and professionals earn working full-time doing anything. 

And I earn that living working about four hours a day.

So now you may ask…

“Markus, how did you slay the demons?”  “How do you do so well?” 

“How did you transform unhappiness and failure into joy and profit?”  “How!”

It Hit Me Like a Bolt of Lightning...

After eight months of humiliating loss and wasting thousands on guru trading courses I was drowning in disappointment and frustration.

While bemoaning my fate to a friend, he jokingly said, “Markus the solution is simple. Just do the opposite of everything you’ve been doing.”

The statement hit me like lightening. It was brilliant!

You see, I’m a numbers guy. I can tell you every detail of every trade I’ve made since the very first trade way back in 1989.

So figuring out what I did that made or lost money would be as easy.

Then, not doing what lost money… and doing more of what made money would be easy. I was on to it!

I started the very next day. I reversed the BUY and SELL points on a trading strategy I had consistently lost money with.

Instead of following guru advice I did the opposite.

And started making money right away!

It was amazing! A consistent looser – became a consistent winner. Just like that. This was the beginning.

Developing rules and using strategy based on data makes a difference.

Blueprint for
Freedom & Prosperity...

Every detail of every trade went on the spreadsheet. From there it was simple.

I worked day and night charting, back-testing and zeroing in on factors that would have given me fewer losses. Bigger wins. And more wins more often.

  • I tested every strategy on a simulator. Made adjustments. Retested. And kept adjusting and retesting with simulated trading until my win ratio was off the chart high. I was on fire!
  • Loss is unavoidable. So I developed strategy to limit loss and ensure gains are proportionally much higher. I could lose 50% of the time, which was unlikely, and still make a nice profit.
  • I developed fact-based rules and strategies that have nothing to do with news or emotion. If the numbers work the trade often works. And when it doesn’t… if you follow the rules loss is limited and low.

I never dreamed this would evolve into a trading approach so powerful I’d be featured on every major news network, including; NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX.

Simulated trading gave me MASSIVE testing power.

  • I could test and validate everything. Using facts and numbers, I developed strategy with a high potential upside for winning trades. And a limited-risk downside for the inevitable losses when they occur.
  • I applied the rules. And tested my fact-based strategies trading Forex, options, stocks and futures. Each market is different. But the rules work. And by adjusting strategy, I could trade any market anytime.
  • I developed strategy for every market condition. Up, down, sideways, it doesn’t matter. I want to be able log on. Spot opportunity. And make money that day. Everyday!

Fact-based analysis saved my life. During the last quarter of my first year I recovered nearly all losses. I could generate income practically at will.

The experiment was over. Forget handcuffs. I was a free man!

I could stay home and make a living trading in my underwear!

I was officially a self-employed trader with no boss. And no liens on my time.

Success Then & Now

Six-months into my second year my account was up 300%.

Life couldn’t have been better. I worked a few hours a day from home. I had no boss. No supervisor. And no one to tell me what to do except myself.

I was on track for the highest-income year of my life. Right up until the moment I got cocky. And did something stupid.

Triple your account in six months and you feel good! And I felt like Superman. Bullet-proof. Untouchable. Smarter than the market.

So instead of sticking with the rules and strategy that had just given me the best six-months of my life trading… I got cocky and I decided to swing for the fences.

I broke the rules. I traded on emotion. I bet way too much. I didn’t limit risk.

In other words I gambled. And two weeks later I was down 40%.

It was a stupid mistake. One I will NEVER make again.

Except for that loss, my second year as a full-time trader was outstanding.

By any standard tripling your account is stellar performance. And even with the 40% loss… I still had a good year.

The RULES & STRATEGIES make all the difference in the world!

Every year since the same rules and strategies have helped keep me safe.  Helped me earn a great living.  And given me the capital to invest in real estate that builds wealth and generates income every month whether I trade or not.

I owe it all the rules and strategies.  Fact-based trading has given me everything.   

I grow my trading account about a 40% a year.  For me this is normal.

Everybody Loves a Winner

By year three the word was out. Markus is on to something big!

“Hey Markus, I heard you’re doing well in the market. What’s the secret?”

“Hey Markus, your brother said you’re doing great day-trading. Do you mind if I stop by and get a few pointers?”

“Hey Markus, I heard you cracked the code. Will you teach me?”

“Hey Markus, what the heck is swing-trading… and how do you make all that money in jeans and a tee-shirt without ever leaving the house?”

Eventually I was spending so much time explaining what I do, I decided to put it all on video. And that’s when the idea of the Rockwell Trading Club was born.

What Is The Rockwell Trading Club?

Rockwell Trading Club is where new traders… experienced traders… or anyone who wants to learn how I limit risk, spot opportunity and trade in any market… comes to learn.

Rockwell Trading Club is a doorway to the most extensive, straight-forward and powerful education you can imagine on trading.

  • If you’re new and want to learn the basics… Rockwell Trading Club is perfect for you.  Everything from deciding what kind of trader you want to be … to picking the best trading platform and charting software … to limiting loss, spotting opportunity and executing trades is explained in detail.  
  • If you are serious and want to learn to trade well enough to generate excellent part-time income in as little as a few hours a week… everything you need to know is organized and instantly-accessible in the club.
  • Whether you want to day-trade, swing-trade or trade Futures, Forex, Stocks or Options, everything you need to; 1) understand those markets, and; 2) limit loss and trade those markets, is there waiting for you.

If you’re experienced and know the markets well, but lose far too often and don’t win nearly enough… Rockwell Trading Club is perfect for you because you have instant access to hottest strategies that work best today in each market.

Why Rockwell Trading Club Different...

The Rockwell Trading Club is not about conversation or theory.

  • You learn what you need to know to determine the market(s) you are best suited to trade. And how to spot opportunity and trade anytime.
  • You learn how we limit risk. And you learn strategies we use every day at Rockwell Trading to profit and pull money out of the market.
  • Everything you need to develop the right mindset and begin profiting and building wealth trading is waiting for you in the Rockwell Trading Club.

Besides having access to a superbly organized and regularly updated collection of training videos on every aspect of trading from A to Z…

  • You have unlimited email support – If you can’t find the answer to question you have about any aspect of trading, just fire off an email and we’ll answer.
  • And if you feel the need, as a club member you can simply pick up the phone and call us with questions. And we are happy to help anyway we can. This gives you an unprecedented level of support.

Rockwell Trading Club is not just a secret vault loaded with proven, tested, expert tips, tools, secrets and strategies that will help you be a better trader…

Rockwell Trading Club can play an ACTIVE ROLE in helping you learn what you need to know, and develop mastery at what you need to do to reach your goals trading.

Since 2005 when I founded the Rockwell Trading Club… we’ve helped thousands of traders improve their skill at trading and reach their goals.

Now You Can Benefit From Rules & Strategies
I Use To Spot Opportunity & Trade Every Day...

For a limited time, you can join the Rockwell Trading Club for the LOWEST PRICE EVER OFFERED… and receive some very special bonus that are not available except during this promotion.

With over 2000 five-star reviews, it’s clear that if you are serious about learning how to trade more profitably and becoming a consistently better trader… you’ll love being a member.

Let's take a closer look at some of the things you have immediate access to in The Rockwell Trading Club...

In the START HERE section of the Rockwell Trading Club you start with a six-minute video where I explain everything about the club... all the resources... and more.

If you’re new… or if you’re experienced but not earning the kind of money you want, you will find theRoad Map To Trading Success 10 Steps to Becoming a Trader video priceless.

If you are just learning the ropes you’ll love every second of this video.

And experienced traders routinely tell us that applying steps 8 -10 more diligently in their trading makes a huge difference and results in more winning trades and fewer losses.

Topics include:

  • Choosing the right market for you;
  • Deciding what kind of trading is best suited for your lifestyle and risk tolerance;
  • Picking the right broker and finding the right software so you have exactly what you need to trade the markets you like;
  • Choosing a trading strategy that’s right for you;
  • A discussion on chart reading,
  • Why testing strategy with simulated trading is the FIRST STEP to becoming a profitable trader;
  • Creating a trading plan;
  • Using money management to grow your account;
  • And a great deal more.

In the CORE TRAINING section of the Rockwell Trading Club you have instant-access to what amounts to a WORLD CLASS TRADING EDUCATION.

Whether you’re a beginner, or an experienced trader who knocks back six-figures a year trading right now… you’ll find buckets of diamonds and pallets of gold here for you.

First, you learn four of our most popular trading strategies, which include;

The Simple Strategy

Our most popular strategy for trading
futures, stocks, etf’s and forex...

Want to enter a trend early? We give your crystal clear entry rules.

Some strategies are so complicated it’s hard to know when to enter the market. With the simple strategy, there’s no second guessing yourself.

You’ll know exactly when and how to get in.

  • Clear exit rules. You’ll know how to exit a trade before you even get into one.
  • You’ll discover how to put a trade on autopilot so you don’t have to be worried about over managing it! You’ll know what to do, and when to get out.
  • With this strategy you can capture small, intraday trends that allow you to trade with stability, amidst a sea of volatility.
  • The simple strategy can be traded with virtually any charting software.

The Boomerang Strategy

A powerful strategy for getting into a missed trend...

This is an excellent strategy for markets that are moving…but experiencing pullbacks and dips within the major trend.

  • You will learn how to spot trend retracements.
  • You learn how to differentiate between a “sideways move”, vs an “up or down” move.
  • And I share a filter we use to find high-probability signals that help improve our winning percentage.

The Ping Pong Strategy

With this strategy, you can make profitable trades
while others twiddle their thumbs...

Imagine a sideways market oscillating between short term highs and short term lows.

Now imagine being able to sell off those short term highs, then buying back at the short term lows, while others sit around waiting for the market to eventually trend!

In this module:

  • You discover how to determine the direction of the market.
  • You learn indicators to quickly identify a sideways market so you can make the right call.
  • You learn how to use this strategy, including how to setup your charts.

The Seahawk Strategy Use this powerful "scalping" strategy to get in and out quickly(and profitably).

The Seahawk Strategy lets you take advantage of small moves in the market.

In day trading we call the Seahawk a scalping strategy because this is an excellent way to get in and out of the market quickly.

Most traders prefer to use this strategy in leveraged markets like futures, because small moves with multiple contracts can lead to nice profits… I recommend you do the same!

You can use the Seahawk Strategy in both trending and sideways markets.  It’s a versatile strategy, ideal for many market conditions.

These 4 Strategies alone, Simple, Boomerang, Ping Pong and Seahawk, will have you trading with confidence in a short time… and looking pro to your friends.

If all you do is learn and develop your skill trading these four strategies… you have EVERYTHING you need to build a great income trading.

But this is just beginning. 

Regardless of how advanced or sophisticated you are today… the Rockwell Trading Club has everything it takes… and everything you need to bring your trading to a whole new level.

Take a look at training videos waiting for you inside the Club:

You Learn How to Determine
The Best Range Bar Size For ANY Market

You may understand the potential of using range bars in the markets… but don’t know how to branch off and create range bar settings for different markets you don’t actively trade.

In this module you learn everything you need to know about range bars. Including how to choose the RIGHT range bar settings for any market.

How to Trade Binary Options

Binary options are an exciting way to trade. By the end of this module you’ll understand binary options like a pro.

  • You’ll know what they are. How to trade them. How to use market probabilities to select the best entry. And more.
  • There are NO complicated formulas! Trading is simple. In fact, trading is FAR SIMPLER than most people realize. This is easy to learn.

The Perfect Trading Setup

How to Day Trade Spreads

The perfect trading setup should be easy to execute, and not require any sophisticated charting software. In fact;

  • The setup you learn in this module can be done with a calculator!
  • Can be traded with any size account.
  • Requiring minimum time commitment. So it’s perfect for busy professionals, or perfect for you… if you just have a few minutes after the open.
  • High average profit per trade and easy to scale.
  • You learn how to “bet on two horses at the same time”, cut lose on the losing one… and riding the winner to the finish line!

These tips will help you reach your trading goals faster.  But I want The Rockwell Trading Club to do more…

I want the club to be the most valuable resource you can even imagine.

So you get even more.

The Tick Chart Strategy

This high profit strategy you can use
to trade the European markets

We’ve used this strategy for the last 7 years. It’s perfect for trading volatile markets and it stands the test of time.

You can use this strategy to profit no matter which way the market is trending.

In this module you learn rules to limit loss. And you get step-by-step details on how to trade the Tick Chart Strategy.

The Fibonacci Strategy

Profit from the mysterious golden ratio

You’ll learn:

  • How to trade Fibonacci breakouts and Fibonacci retracements to instantly see repeating patterns in the market so you can capitalize (and profit) from them.
  • How to distinguish between retracements and reversals. Most investors get fooled, but you’ll know exactly how to spot the difference.

Understanding these patterns will make you a better more effective trader.

The PowerX Strategy

A powerful swing trading strategy
for stocks and ETFs

Smart investors always diversify. This strategy teaches you how to trade stocks and ETFs like a pro!

  • How to choose the best stocks and ETFs that are most likely to trend…
  • Ways to use options for maximizing profits…
  • How to participate in the markets with smaller accounts for less risk and more secure profits…

All this and more is covered.

You get all this, plus you get videos with complete details on trading options, iron condors, put options, covered calls, bull and bear spreads, trading currency, and Forex.

Here’s a sample of the option training videos waiting for you in the club:

How to Trade Weekly Options

Weekly options are very popular but most traders are getting it all wrong.

We cut through the hype and clutter to teach you how to be on the side of the market maker!

  • How to protect yourself in a trade so you don’t lose your shirt.
  • Pick the right stock at the right time with the right option strategy
  • What Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about options trading.
  • The one simple trick to put the odds in your favor today.

How to Trade Iron Condors for Income

If a high-probability of making 2% or 3% a month excites you, you will LOVE this strategy.

This the Iron Condor Trading Strategy you learn in the club could give you returns up to 35% per year. Not the most exciting return in the world… but far better than most people ever see. This strategy requires very little from you.

Protecting Your Portfolio
with Put Options

You discover how to limit your risk in times of uncertainty. And you get three simple strategies for protecting your portfolio with put options.

Remember, your number one priority is to not lose money. And that’s why we show you how we protect our accounts and multiple ways to protect yours.

Maximize Your Portfolio
with Covered Calls

  • Want to learn how to lower the purchase price of your stocks using options?
  • Don’t want to sell your dead stocks in your current portfolio?
  • What if you could turn those stocks into income producers and learn a strategy that’s more conservative?

If you like these ideas, covered calls are for you!

In the Club you discover:

  • How to make money on stocks in a sideways market.
  • How to put your portfolio to work to generate income.
  • How to limit your risk combining stocks and options.

Bull and Bear Spreads–
Perfect for a beginner trader!

In this module you learn how to trade options and combine options to trade spreads, so you can take advantage of hidden opportunities in the market.

If you’re new to options trading, by the end of this video you will know:

  • What a bull/bear aka “Vertical” Spread is.
  • How to take a less expensive lower risk options trade by combining purchase and a sale of an option at the same time (this is what a spread is).
  • How to trade a market like Goldman Sachs or Apple that might be out of your price range. You learn how to make it in your price range by trading spreads.
  • A strategy for trading Bull & Bear Spreads that combines our PowerX Strategy to identify directional opportunities in the market and how you can look at directional opportunities and identify spread trading opportunities instead of just trading a particular stock outright.

Trading Currencies with
Rockwell Trading Strategies

Here you learn how to tackle the currency markets in the current market conditions. And how to debunk a few currency trading and ideas that can be misleading.

In this module you discover…

  • How to find the best opportunities in the currency markets.
  • The best currency markets to trade.
  • The best times to trade currency.
  • Which strategies are working now.

Raghee Horner's Forex Trading Strategies

Watch as I pick the brain of trader and author Raghee Horner on how she makes $20k+ a month trading Forex.

You’ll learn Forex Trading Strategy Raghee uses every day in her own trading to make $20,000 or more every month.

How to Identify Major Chart Patterns

Chart patterns are fun to trade when they are easy to spot. In this tutorial you will learn the most important chart patterns and how to trade them.

How to Use Candlestick Patterns for Profit

This session on candlestick patterns is something all traders MUST know.

You learn how to gauge market sentiment with candlesticks. We explore ideas and concepts that help you determine if the market is either bearing or bullish.

We cover the 12 most important single and double candlestick formations that you should know as a trader.

How to Trade Using Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are powerful. They are often the single best indicator for trading different market conditions.

In this module you learn…

  • How to use Bollinger Bands to instantly determine the direction of the market.
  • How to confirm market direction so you can make profitable decisions quickly.
  • How to Identify and trade the “squeeze” and how it can help you identify breakouts.

If you’re like me, you’re always up for a good tip.

That’s why you’re getting…

Tips and Tools for Your Trading Day

You get a variety of trading resources to prepare for the trading day, and track and evaluate your progress.

You get a behind the scenes overview on what we do before trading, during trading, and after trading.

Plus you see the resources and tools we use to track your trades and progress

Tips and Tricks for Think-Or-Swim

Listen in as our tech wizard and software expert explains in detail the charting and trading platform “Think-Or-Swim”.

This software will put you on the fast track to becoming an expert. You learn the tips and tricks you need to setup your trading indicators. Or just use ours.

More Tips & Tools for Your Trading Day

In this session, you get…

  • The Rockwell Trading Log and Coaching Focus Sheet.
  • You learn how to create and read a performance report. And how to interpret key numbers. This is how you know if your methods are working.
  • You learn proper journaling techniques that give you important information about your trades. And will help protect you from loss.

Tips for Using Trade Navigator

This is a walkthrough video training on tips and trick for the software package Trade Navigator.

This is the same software we use here at Rockwell Trading. This video overview fast-tracks your ability to customize the software to your trading.

  • We review the powerful functions you command with this software.
  • You learn how to setup charts and pages for the Rockwell Trading Strategies.
  • You will learn how to customize your charts and settings.

What You Must Know
About Your Trading Computer

Having good strategy, the right mindset and the discipline of a world-class trader isn’t enough. You need the proper equipment to get the job done.

And that’s why our computer expert Eddie Z goes over exactly what you should be looking for in a proper trading computer. And tells you how to know if your current computer is suitable for the job.

How to Trade For a Living

The question we often get is, “Can I actually make a living with trading?”

The short answer is yes. In fact the process is simple. But doing it is not as easy as it sounds… otherwise we’d all be living on a beach and trading for a living.

If your goal is to throw the handcuffs away and transition into earning a full-time living trading, this module if for you. You get an insider’s look on exactly what it takes to become a full time trader step-by-step.

How to Develop a Trading Plan

Every trader needs a trading strategy and a trading plan.

If your goal is be a serious trader… and give yourself a shot at the immense profits good traders can extract from the market… you MUST have a trading plan. And a trading strategy is just part of it.

Having solid trading plan separates the beginner from the pro.

In this video you learn how to create an effective trading plan, including:

  • The difference between a trading strategy and a trading plan.
  • The 7 components of a sound trading plan.
  • How to use the Rockwell Trading Plan Generator to create a trading plan ideal for helping you reach your goals.

How to Develop a Trading Strategy

In this tutorial you get the framework and building blocks you need to create a trading strategy that works for you.

Risk tolerance, account size, hours a day or week you’re willing to commit; all this and more goes into designing a trading strategy ideal for you.

And we take you through our powerful seven-step process and show you exactly how we develop the trading strategy we use at Rockwell Trading.

Testing a Trading Strategy

If you think the most important number in a performance report is The Winning Percentage– you’re in for a real eye-opener.

To properly test and evaluate a performance report, there are six key numbers you must know. Without them you’re basically guessing.

In this tutorial you learn five reasons why it is critical to test every trading strategy you’re interested in. And you learn how to interpret a performance report to make certain the strategy actually works.

This simple step gives you a huge advantage over traders who don’t know what you easily master in these modules … so they shoot blind, hope for the best, and then get upset when the trade goes south. Too bad they’re not in the Club!

How to Manage Your Money to Wealth

Money management can be the number one reason traders fail.

Without proper money management you can have a profitable strategy and still lose money.

In this session you learn…

  • The fundamentals of money management.
  • The difference between risk management, position sizing and money management.

How to Form A Trading Entity

Trading can be lucrative.

People who take it serious can develop impressive part-time income working just a few hours a week. Traders who decide to put-the-peddle-to-the-metal and really develop their skill, can end up with a huge tax problem practically overnight.

The last thing you need is to earn a lot of money – and then have to give most of it away to Uncle Sam because you had not fully considered your tax situation.

In this module Robert Green, the leading authority in trading and taxation, explains how to minimize your tax exposure and fully-maximize your IRS deductions.

You will learn:

  • The “Trader Tax Status” and how it benefits you.
  • The advantages of creating a trading entity and what entity is best.
  • How to legally deduct trading expenses, like courses, software, subscriptions, trading mastermind events, one-to-one coaching. And more.

Confessions of a Hardcore Broker
Who’s Witnessed Traders Get Rich Fast-
Get Cocky & Go Down In Flames AND What You MUST KNOW to Stay Whole & Avoid This Terrible Fate...

The upside of trading can be fabulous!

Go where you want to go. Do what you want to do. Have what you want to have. With rules, strategy, discipline and persistence… nothing is out of reach.

But there can be a dark side to making a lot of money fast trading.

My second year trading full-time I tripled my account in eight months.

I felt like superman. Untouchable. Smarter than the market.

I could do no wrong. So I ignored the rules. Swung for the fences. And lost 40%. Eight months of work gone in the blink of an eye!

That was a HUGE MISTAKE I hope you NEVER make.

In this module you see the business through the eyes of a broker who has witnessed traders multiply their accounts beyond belief. And then watched the same traders get cocky, break rules, ignore strategy – and be totally wiped out.

The perspective you gain is powerful. And the insight may save you from losing a fortune. And throwing away everything you work so hard to achieve.

I’ve personally witnessed traders earn more in a week than they’d ever earned in a year. Then get cocky. Lose every penny. And crash and burn emotionally.

The importance of rules, discipline and strategy in trading cannot possibly be over- emphasized. Without these factors NO TRADER regardless of knowledge or experience will survive. Ignore them and ultimately you are doomed.

In this frank, eye-opening discussion you see from the brokers perspective exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to trading.

Every module in the Rockwell Trading Club is important.

But if you learn everything, follow the advice, and trade profitably on the simulator before you trade Rockwell Strategies with real money…

THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT MODULE OF ALL. Because this module gives you a sober warning about how to keep what you earn ... and about what to NOT do if you become wildly successful in your trading.

This is a taste of the amazing value you receive when you join the Rockwell Trading Club Today.

Everything you need to learn the markets, trade the markets, and improve your skill... all the way up to mastery... is here for you in one place.

And Still There's More!

Rockwell Trading Club is an ACTIVE RESOURCE… a LIVING RESOURCE… a resource you can depend on to help you reach your goals trading.

And that’s why your membership includes LIVE and RECORDED access to our monthly WHAT’S WORKING NOW meetings where we share what’s new, what’s hot and what’s WORKING across all our different accounts and markets.

You Have a Seat At the Big Table with the Pros...

What’s Working Now is a LIVE ONLINE BRIEFING. And you are there!
(If you can’t attend live… recordings are posted in the membership area.)

You have a virtual front-row seat. You get to listen in as top-experts in one of the most successful privately held trading organizations in the country discuss how they trade, protect capital and pull money out of the market every day.

Topics include:

  • The hottest strategies in the market today.
  • Discussion on developing trends and how we adjust to help ensure MAXIMUM SAFETY and MAXIMUM PROFIT as market conditions change.
  • Our strategy and the logic behind it for the next 7 to 14 days.
  • And a great deal more.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or new, this alone could be worth a thousand times any price you’d ever pay to be a member of The Rockwell Trading Club.

You are literally at the table with traders who do consistently well. And make a great living trading.

This is where trading breakthroughs are born!

Listening to skilled pros discuss how they trade their own accounts is a remarkable experience most traders will never have.

The insights you gain could be priceless.

Sitting at the table once a month with highly-skilled traders at the top of their game may be the most powerful learning experience of your life.

And even better, you are not just listening in.

You get to participate.

After the main discussion we open the briefing so everyone can participate. You can make comments and ask questions just like you were sitting in the room.

Once a month you are virtually face-to-face with world class traders. And you can ask as many questions as you want.

  • Ask about strategy
  • Ask about the rules we use to protect capital
  • Ask about markets, trends or emerging opportunity
  • Ask why we strongly recommend simulated trading for everyone, including experienced traders who do well now … but want better results.
  • Ask about limiting risk; money management; charting, software and so on.

One Insight – One Answer – One Observation
Could Change Everything

One insight may be all it takes to set you on a path that fundamentally changes your ability to trade, your income, and your life.

When you get to the point where you can protect capital… and pull money out of the market practically at will… it’s like having a real superpower.

It’s like having a personal access key to the largest bank vault on earth. And that key gives you a sense of freedom and a feeling of power most can’t even imagine.

Every minute of every day is exciting.

Because every minute is yours!

You are in command. You are in control. Anything you want is available.

As a skilled trader with the ability to protect capital, spot opportunity and act, there are few limits to what you can accomplish.

The education waiting for you in the Rockwell Trading Club gives you the rules, tools, tips, techniques and strategies you need to walk this road.

If you’re serious about improving your skill as a trader…

Joining the Rockwell Trading Club right now – before your next trade – may be the most important step you ever take.

Just to recap, you’re getting:

Live What’s Working Now Online Briefings

Each month you get to join us on the live “What’s Working Now” update. We discuss the hottest strategies in the hottest markets, what’s working best now and much more. Your questions and comments are welcome. We’re here for you.

You Have Access Plus you can email us anytime with a question. And we’re happy to take your call and answer any question we can over the phone. Bottom line … we want you to succeed. And we are here for you.

And there’s more...

As a member of The Rockwell Trading Club you have INSTANT ACCESS to and extensive list of tools and resources that will help you become a better trader.

You have access to:

  • Our favorite economic calendar and news sources.
  • The Time Log Template we use on all our trades.
  • The Trading Plan Generator we use to plan everything.
  • The Long Term Planner we use to stay focused.
  • The Daily Focus Sheet that keeps you on track as you go through the videos in the Learning Library and begin simulated trading.
  • The Weekly Focus Sheet that sets goals and gives you a systematic way to measure your progress.

Plus you get 30 day free access to the Infinity AT Trade Simulator , which is the most realistic trading simulator I’ve ever seen.

You get 30 day free access to the Genesis Financial TradeNavigator Software. This is the software I recommend and personally use in my trading.

Plus you have instant access to the exact indicators we use in the seven(7) trading strategies we use the most to pull money out of the market.

If you want to use our trading indicators, your software will be set up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

The tools and resources we recommend are the tools and resources we use every day at Rockwell Trading. You get links to them all.

Is Now The Right Time To
Join The Rockwell Trading Club?

I’ve seen it a thousand times.

Traders who go it alone waste precious time. Suffer needless loss. And more often than not, end up confused, frustrated, angry… and nowhere near as profitable as they could be if they had the right training. But it gets worse…

If you don’t crack the code…

If you don’t use the rules, learn the strategies and give yourself the benefit of the insider secrets waiting for you it the Rockwell Trading Club…

You may get so frustrated you walk away from trading. Abandon your dreams. And settle for something far less than you really want.

And that would be a tragedy. Because trading is one the few things that can give you freedom. A great lifestyle. And the financial future you want most.

With the resources waiting for you in The Rockwell Trading Club, you can develop the mastery it takes to limit risk, spot opportunity, and pull money out of the market practically at will.

The basics of trading are simple. And that means trading is simple.

Once you learn a few strategies, develop mastery in a simulator, and start trading with real money… you may come to see the market as your own personal ATM.

So if you are serious, right now, before you make your next trade, is the right time to join the Rockwell Trading Club. Take the handcuffs off. Join us.

Learn Today & Be Trading On a Simulator
or In the Market of Your Choice by Tomorrow

With Rockwell Trading Club training’s you can learn everything you need to test strategy and trade on a simulator in a few hours. Or trade live with real money.

Once your simulated trading WIN RATIO is high enough, you are ready.

You can be up to speed and fully-functional with most Rockwell Trading strategies in as little as an hour.

Even if you’re new … you can learn everything you need to trade any market – and feel confident doing it – in just a few hours.

Want to trade Forex but don’t know how?

Take a few hours. Watch videos. And you’ll know MORE about spotting opportunity, protecting capital and trading Forex than many who’ve been trading Forex hit-and-miss for years.

Same with Options. Same with Stocks. Same with Day Trading.

If you’re experienced, the strategies and techniques you get in the Rockwell Trading Club will take your trading to a whole new level.

So if your goal is develop a skill that can give you a great part-time income or a fabulous full-time income – the Rockwell Trading Club is right for you.

And the time to join us is now.

So what’s it cost to join the Rockwell Trading Club?

The price is so low it’s ridiculous.  We’ll discuss it in a minute. 

First I want you to see screen shots of the kinds of trades you will learn to make for yourself once you join the Rockwell Trading Club.

IMPORTANT:  Before you look at these charts, it’s important you know every trade is NOT a winning trade.  Even with our excellent performance history… we make losing trades practically every day

We do well because we have RULES to protect capital and limit risk…

We do well because we have STRATEGIES to identify good trading opportunity practically every day in every market we trade.

And we do well because we typically win more trades than we lose.

This is the key! 

Develop this skill, and while THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LOSS – because it’s just part of the trading process… I believe you can reach any financial goal you set for yourself trading.   

So now… with the full understanding that LOSS IS PART OF TRADING… take a look at the kind of trades our strategies can help you identify…

The Simple Strategy is for trading futures, stocks, ETF’s and Forex. 

If you want to enter a trend early, this strategy gives you simple, crystal clear entry rules, clear exit rules, and details on how to put the trade on autopilot so you don’t have to give it another thought

The Simple Strategy is just one of 18 ways we pull money out of the market. In the club you learn how to use this strategy to capture small, inter-day trades that allow you to trade with stability… amidst volatility.

The Boomerang Strategy is a powerful strategy for getting in on a missed trend. This strategy is excellent for moving markets experiencing pullbacks and dips within the major trend. The strategy is a consistent money-maker for us here at Rockwell.

With the Boomerang Strategy, you learn how we differentiate between a sideways move and an up and down move.  And I share a filter for finding the highest probability signals we use to improve our winning percentage.

Known as a “scalping strategy” theSeahawk Strategy lets’ you take advantage of small moves in the market and get IN and OUT quickly and profitably.

The Seahawk Strategy is a versatile trading strategy that can be used in both trending and sideways markets. In the club you learn exactly how to set up the charts and use this strategy.

With the Ping Pong Strategy you can make profitable trades while others twiddle thumbs because they don’t see the opportunity staring them in the face. Imagine selling short- term highs and buying back at short-term lows. That’s what this strategy can do for you.

This demonstrates the power the Ping Pong strategy puts at your fingertips.Learning to spot this kind of opportunity and execute the trade is just one of 18 strategies waiting for you in the Rockwell Trading Club.

Like all the strategies in the Club, these strategies give you the framework to spot opportunity. Limit risk. Execute the trade. Put the exit on autopilot. And watch your account grow.

So when you ask, “How much does it cost to join the Rockwell Trading Club?” my question back to you is...

What would it be worth to YOU and YOUR FAMILY if you spend a few hours a week, master these strategies and ACTUALLY COMMAND that kind money-making potential?

Would it be worth $5000? $10,000? $100,000? $200,000?

Only you can answer this question.
Because only you know the relief you would feel, or the joy you would experience having the freedom to do anything you want. And the income to make it real.

Mastering the strategies waiting for you in the Club … gives me a level of personal and financial freedom most people, including most traders, doctors, lawyers, dentists and business owners can’t even imagine.

And I do it all in four hours a day. That’s what the strategies waiting for you in the Club have done for me.

But joining the club guarantees nothing.

You may never earn a dime. You may even lose money.

But when you join, watch the videos and apply what you learn, this much is certain:

  • You can avoid the heart-ache, embarrassment and terrible mistakes I made.
  • You can side-step the oh-so-common mistakes (and needless loss) less- experienced traders who try to figure things out on their own routinely make.
  • In less time than you imagine, you can become a skilled trader with the ability to spot opportunity others without your advantage may never see.
  • You can protect capital in ways others will never know.
  • You can command strategies so powerful the opportunity to pull money out of the market practically at will… is always at your fingertips.
  • You will learn everything you need to know to trade any market, any time, in any market condition like a pro.
  • You can PROVE YOU MASTERED A STRATEGY AND PROVE YOU CAN PROFIT WITH IT by trading on a simulator before you trade real dollars.
  • You will see the business through the eyes of traders at the top of their game, living the dream most traders have when they start… and abandon as they fail.
  • You will have virtually unlimited email support.
  • You can give us a call and we will answer your questions.
  • You will have direct personal access once a month in the live What’s Working Now sessions & if you can’t attend, recordings are posted online.

An enormous amount of time, energy, knowledge, research, development, expertise, testing, blood, sweat and tears have gone into developing the proven trading strategies waiting for you inside Rockwell Trading Club.

Join us. Stand on our shoulders.

Take advantage of everything we’ve learned … and you give yourself a huge advantage in the market. And that advantage could mean everything.

Here's What You Get

  • 18 Trading Strategies. Wake up each morning with a library of proven trading strategies to choose from, something perfect for every market and every market condition.
  • 5 Lessons on Trading Analysis so you can keep up and rub elbows with the big players in the markets.
  • 5 Trading Tools and Templates to keep you organized – just like the pros.
  • 7 Lessons on Trading For A Living so you can trade anywhere, any time… and on your terms
  • 6 Lessons on Trading Psychology to improve your trading mindset, avoid trading pitfalls, conquer fear and greed, and transform your trading goals into trading realities.
  • Live access to What’s Working Now training calls so you can stay up on the latest trading strategies that are working Today
  • And much, much more…

And by the way…

This may change soon. But for now, when you join the Rockwell Trading Club, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to EVERYTHING … including lifetime access to the live What’s Working Now monthly calls – WITH NO MONTHLY FEES EVER!

The Value You Receive is Staggering...

Each strategy and trading technique could easily sell for $197. Many are available at that price now.

Any strategy that makes it possible to spot opportunity and earn a few hundred dollars in a few minutes is clearly valuable.

Separately, at $197 each, the entire set of all 18 Rockwell Strategies is a $3,349 value.

The trade simulators, focus sheets, trading plan templates, trading log templates, and charting software you access in the Club will keep you organized.

With them, the information you need to enter and exit a trade is always at your fingertips. This is how the pros do it.

  • These simulators, focus sheets, templates, and software can easily be bundled together with instructions and sold together for $2,000.
  • Use these tools the way we teach in the Club … and the real value is far more than anyone could ever charge for them.

The “What’s Working Now” calls keep you up to date on what’s happening in the markets and give you the latest, cutting edge information on what’s working.

  • These calls can EASILY sell for $97 per month or $1,164 a year.

The value of these calls is off the chart high. Members are thrilled to be up to date on the hottest strategies working best in the market today. And even more thrilled to be able to ask questions and get answers right there on the call.

To summarize, you receive:

  • All 18 Rockwell Trading Strategies, including how to trade every market in every market condition – a $3,349 value
  • All templates, guides and focus sheets we use to manage our trading, a $2000 value, plus 30 day free trial on all software we use.
  • Lifetime access to What’s Working Now live calls, a $1,164 annual value


Membership in the Rockwell Trading Club is worth every penny of this.

But you’re not going to pay $6,513.

The every-day price to join the Rockwell Trading Club is $997.

Considering your get 18 proven trading strategies and life time access to the What’s Working Now live monthly calls and more … $997 is a tremendous value. But if you join today during this Special Membership Promotion, you won’t pay $997. You won’t pay $497. Not even $397. When you invest in yourself today, and take advantage of this Special Promotion…

  • You get LIFETIME ACCESS to EVERYTHING … every video, every one of the 18 trading strategies …
  • Every live What’s Working Now call … all forms, templates and free trial software…
  • All training’s on options, futures, Forex, day trading, stock trading, all training’s on how to be a trader…
  • Plus you get on-going access to all future training’s and resources added to the membership area over coming months…

During this Special Promotion...

You get it all for a single payment of only $297

that’s a 70% discount and a real $700 savings
off the regular membership price...

IMPORTANT: The regular price to join the Rockwell Trading Club is $997.

But today during this limited Special Promotion, a LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP WITH FULL PRIVILEGES is yours for a one-time activation fee of just $297.

This is the lowest price ever offered. And there are no plans to make this offer available again. So if the Rockwell Trading Club is right for you, join now and save $700 off the regular membership price.

Special Bonus...

My friends think I’ve lost my mind!
But I don’t care. I want you to have this...

Activate your Lifetime Membership today and I’ll give you a half-hour on the phone with either me or my trading partner Mark depending on who’s available. We’ll discuss your goals. And I’ll outline what I believe is the best approach to help you get what you want trading sooner rather than later.

Traders pay $5000 to spend a day with us in Austin Texas and learn. That’s $625 an hour or $312.50 for a half-hour. But you get this half-hour as a BONUS GIFT for activating your membership during this special promotion period.

The call is my gift to you. Why? Because I believe a personal consult may be the best way to make certain to help you get on the right track to reach your goals.

Instructions on how to schedule are waiting for you in the member area.

Why would I give you such a valuable
at such a shocking low price?

Simple. Trading has changed my life in a thousand positive ways. My time is my own. We have a great lifestyle. I have capital to invest in income- producing real estate. Trading gives me everything I ever dreamed of and more. So if running a rare Special Promotion with a Lifetime Membership at a no-brainer low price helps you decide to join the club … learn the strategies … and take more control of your income and your life through trading… I am delighted to practically give you the membership for just $297 during this limited time offer which may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Trading can give you the lifestyle and income you want. And I’ve done everything in my power to see to it being a member of the Rockwell Trading Club will help you claim that lifestyle and income for your own. Lets’ meet in the membership area. The special WELCOME VIDEO is waiting. Join me on the next What’s Working Now call. Stand on my shoulders. Take advantage of everything I’ve learned. Step into your greatness. You’ve read this far. You know this is right for you. You want the rewards trading can give you and your family. Now it’s time to act. Your future is waiting! I promise to do everything I can to help you reach your goals trading. So join me now on the inside. Activate your membership, and;

Welcome Aboard!

When this promotion ends you can join the Rockwell Trading Club for the regular price of $997. So if you want to save $700 & enjoy the special $297 promotional price – it is important you activate your membership now.

No Risk Iron-Clad
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With over 2000 five-star reviews from members, I am confident you’re going to love the Rockwell Trading Club.

I want the Rockwell Trading Club to help take your trading to the next level. And to prove it, I insist on giving you an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Join the club. Watch the videos. Learn the strategies. Participate on the calls. And if at any time during the first six-months of your membership you are willing to look me in the eyes through email and honestly say the club does not deliver the value you expected, you get a full, no-questions-asked 100% refund. And we part friends. Is that fair enough?


This is not for everyone...

The Rockwell Trading Club is WRONG for you if:

If you want get rich quick – this is definitely not for you. Trading is simple. But for good things to happen, you have to learn what to do, practice, and actually do it. And that takes work. So if you’re not willing to watch the videos, learn, follow instructions, and do the work, the Club is not for you.

The Rockwell Trading Club is RIGHT for you if:

The markets are age, color and gender blind.

The market doesn’t care who you are. Young or old. Rich or poor. New or experienced. Get things right and you profit. Get them wrong and you lose. If you’re serious… and ready to learn to trade well enough to develop a great part time or fabulous full-time income, the Rockwell Trading Club is perfect for you.

Regardless of your experience, from novice to pro, if you’re ready to get better at spotting opportunity and pulling money out of the market, and willing to learn, the Rockwell Trading Club is perfect for you.

What the Smartest Man in the World
Had To Say about Trading...

Albert Einstein, considered one of the smartest people who ever lived, said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

We all know this. But sometimes we don’t take the lesson to heart.

I fumbled around for eight month… doing the same thing over and over… and getting terrible results. It wasn’t until I started doing something different that the wins began to rack up.

So if you’re not happy with your results trading, according to Einstein, nothing changes until you do something different. But you can’t do just anything. You have to do the right thing.

And that’s where the Rockwell Trading Club comes in. So activate your membership now. And let’s get started DOING THE RIGHT THINGS.

I’ll see you inside,

Markus Heikoetter
Trader, Rockwell Trading Club founder

PS The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

If your goal is to develop a great part-time or full-time income trading, the shortest distance between where you now and where want to be is the Rockwell Trading Club.

Permission to become an extraordinary trader is hereby granted!

Join me now on the inside and take advantage of the LOWEST PRICE EVER while this special promotion lasts.