Release 2.6.2

5 January 2022


This release contains a few bug fixes, security enhancements and some "magic" to make PXO even more stable.

Some Background "Magic"
You might have noticed that over the past few months, PXO was down once or twice a months for 30 min. We found the problem and fixed it. PXO is now even more stable and the uptime increase from 99.3% to 99.6% (or something like that)

PowerX Scanner: Cryptocurrencies
When scanning for cryptocurrencies, we are now ignoring the "close price higher than" and "close price lower than" filter since you can trade fractions of cryptos, i.e. you can trade Bitcoin even if you only have a $5,000 account. By removing this filter, you will now get ALL cryptocurrencies on the scanner. 

PowerX Scanner:  P&L Charts for "COMPARE"
In the previous release, we added the P&L charts on the COMPARE EXITS view. In order to save some space, we removed the stop loss and profit target. You told us that you missed these, so we are bringing them back. Here they are again πŸ™‚ 

PowerX Scanner: New Trading Report Feature now contains "Totals"
On the trading report for the PowerX scanner, you will now see a "compare profit" feature. This will make it easier to compare the results of two different exit strategies. We now added the "Totals" at the bottom of this report to make it easy for you to see what exit strategy is more profitable. 

PowerX Scanner: Change formatting for stocks splits
We changed the formatting for stock splits from 4.00000/1.0000 to 4/1 to make it easier to read.

[BUG FIX] - PowerX Scanner: Clicking PowerX Tab N times duplicates P&L sections
This has been fixed.

[BUG FIX] - "PXO Community" missing on Wheel Tab
This has been fixed.

Release 2.6.1

28 December 2021

PowerX Scanner: Cryptocurrencies
Well, after adding more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies, we noticed that you would have to open 20-30 different crypto wallets to trade them.

So we decided to reduce the number of cryptos to 140.
You will be able to trade these 140 cryptos with all major wallets. 

I will do a special "Coffee With Markus" next week in which I'll show you exactly to trade cryptocurrencies with PXO. 

PowerX Scanner:  P&L Charts for "COMPARE"
When comparing different exit strategies, you will now see the P&L chart as well as the buying power need it to buy the stocks. This will make it even easier for you to decide which exit strategy would be the best to use.

PowerX Scanner: New Trading Report Feature
On the trading report for the PowerX scanner, you will now see a "compare profit" feature. This will make it easier to compare the results of two different exit strategies.

Release 2.6.0

23 December 2021

Here are the new features:

PowerX Scanner: Canadian Stocks And Cryptos!
You can now scan for US Stocks, Canadian Stocks and Cryptos! This will give you many more trading opportunities since we added approx. 5,000 Canadian stocks and more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies!

Important: Cryptos are currently in BETA since these 4-digit decimals are a pain in the b*tt. We appreciate all your feedback as you are scanning and trading cryptos!

Wheel Scanner: Min Strike Price
You will now see the smaller strike price that the scanner found on the chart. This will make it easier to find Puts that you want to sell. In an upcoming version, we will introduce a filter for these options. But we didn't want to delay this release, so stay tuned for the filter.

Wheel Scanner: Visually Highlighting Different Expirations
When the Wheel Scanner returns more than one expiration date for the Puts, you will see a different shading for each expiration to make it easier for you to distinguish between this week's and next week's expirations. 

Drawing Tools For BOTH Scanners
The drawing tools are back! And now the drawings on the chart are saved! So you can draw trendlines, Fibonacci lines, arrows, etc. on the chart and they will remain on the chart until you delete them. And the best: You can even write annotations with your thoughts around the stock so that you know exactly what you had in mind when analyzing the stock.

In the next versions, we will allow you to add indicators and change to candlestick charts as well. Stay tuned!

Release 2.5.5

18 November 2021

This release includes a few minor bug fixes and speed improvements.

Wheel Scanner - Sorting
There was a small problem with the sorting of stocks in the Wheel Scanner. This has been fixed.

Wheel Scanner - Remember Last Sorting Criteria
PXO now remember the last sorting criteria, e.g. by flag or by symbol.

PowerX Scanner - Add to Watchlist
When adding a symbol to the watchlist, you will now get a confirmation so that you know that the action was successful.

New Banner for New Version
We added a new banner for a "new version announcement" that includes a refresh button so that you can quickly get the new version. 

.... and we fixed a few more minor bugs so that PXO runs as smooth as you expect.

Release 2.5.4

11 November 2021

This release includes a few minor bug fixes and speed improvements. 

Release 2.5.3

3 November 2021

This release includes a few minor bug fixes and speed improvements, e.g. 

PowerX Strategy - Options Data
We identified some isolated incidents when we needed different expirations data for options. This didn't affect the usability of PXO, but now it's even more accurate. I'd say the accuracy went from 98.5% to 99.2% - just a rough guess πŸ™‚ 

Wheel Strategy - Scanner didn't start automatically
For some users, the Wheel scanner didn't start at 9:31am ET. These users had to refresh the page for the scanner to run. This has been fixed. 

Wheel Strategy - Real-time prices
Small bug: The prices on the chart are real time but the price that you saw right next to the name of the company was still delayed. I bet you didn't notice that πŸ˜‰
Anyhow.... this has been fixed. 

Release 2.5.2

29 October 2021

This release includes a few minor bug fixes and speed improvements. 

Release 2.5.1

22 October 2021

When we released the last version, I told you that version 2.5 laid the foundation for many great things to come. 

Well, here's the first batch:

The Wheel - Live Data
Up to now, the data on the Wheel Chart was 15 min delayed. Now you are getting live data so that you can make accurate trading decisions. 

The Wheel - "Jan's Indicator"
In January, I asked our Mastermind Member Hao to program a simple indicator in TradingView for me: I wanted to see the low of the last 8 weeks because I like to use THAT to get an idea for a strike price for selling a put. 

Our Mastermind Member Jan took this idea to the next level and created a powerful indicator that our Mastermind Members have been using for many months to make it easy to find stocks with the "right" support level. 

In this version, we included a "light" version of this indicator that shows you the lowest low of the last 8 weeks of a stock as a blue line. Use THIS as a guideline for selecting your put strike price, and you will have a MUCH better stock selection.

The Wheel - PowerX Indicators Coloring
When you open the charts on the Wheel Analyzer, you will now see the coloring according to the PowerX Indicators. Many of you requested this feature, and here it is.

The Wheel - Filters
When you have filters activated on the Wheel Scanner, you will now see a blue RESET button. If you don't have any filters enabled, this button is hidden. This way you know exactly when you have filters enabled. 

PowerX Chart - Volume
You will now see the volume for each day for a stock. This was one of the most requested features.

In upcoming versions, we will include more features, e.g. being able to draw your own trend lines, annotate charts, etc - and saving this information!

Stay tuned for the next updates.

Release 2.5

14 October 2021

The latest release is here:

Live Data for PowerX Analyzer
We now have live data for PowerX Analyzer.  You will see a BLUE bar during market hours that shows you live data with a 2-second delay. THIS will allow us to do very cool things in the future, e.g. "Jan's Indicator" (I'll explain more soon), alerts, and lots of other cool stuff. Just wait for it. πŸ™‚

I know: This is only ONE feature.  

But we want to roll it out and do a "stress test" on our production servers before we add more functionality. 

We are already working on Version 2.5.1. Stay tuned. 

In order to get the latest version, please do the following:

  • Log out of PowerX Optimizer
  • Refresh your browser
  • Log back in. 

That's it 😎

Release 2.4

29 September 2021

I'm super excited about this new version.

Here's what's new:

PowerX Strategy - "Crunching Numbers"
We improved the speed - again! The scanner results are now available within 45 min after the close, i.e. at 5pm ET the latest. This way you can make trading decisions before you even have dinner.

PowerX Strategy - Improved Scanning
We made quite a few changes to the algorithm. You will see that stocks that are appearing on the scanner now have a smoother P&L chart. There will still be some "crappy" stocks on the scanner from time to time, but the quality and accuracy of the scanner has improved by ~ 50%. You'll see. πŸ™‚

PowerX Strategy - Show Splits and Dividends
Until now, we have only shown the Earnings Date on the charts. Now you will also see Dividend Dates and Split Dates, as well as the "Split Ratio", e.g. 4:1,

PowerX Strategies - Show Values In Indicators
Some users requested that we show the values of the indicators instead of just "green bar / red bar". Wish granted: You can now display the values if you want.

PowerX Strategy - Improved Speed
We made some changes to the User Interface (UI) and PXO is now loading the data way faster so that YOU can "work" faster.

PowerX Strategy - Showing Stocks With Less Than 24 Months of Data
In the past, we only showed stock symbols with more than 24 months of data since that's the amount of data that we need to calculate a reliable trading report. Now we also display stocks with less than 24 months of data, e.g. HOOD, WEBR, ABNBB, etc.

The Wheel Strategy - Show Company News
We always recommend that you check Google News to make sure that there are no major news for a stock before you sell puts. Examples are mergers, pharmaceutical trials, lawsuits, etc. You will now see a small megaphone next to the stock name. When you click on it, Google News for the stock opens so that you can quickly check the news.

The Wheel Strategy - Black Flag At The Bottom
In the last version, we introduced the "Black Flag" but when sorting, the Black Flag was shown on the top. This has been fixed and it's now trading at the bottom, as it should.

The Wheel Strategy - Filter Stays Collapsed
In the last version, we introduce the filters for the Wheel Strategy. But when you collapsed the filter view, and then switched to another tab, it was opened again. This has been fixed: If you collapse the filter view, it stays collapsed until you open it again. That's the way it should be.

Help Section
You can now easily access the new training videos that Mark recorded as well as the Mighty Networks Community from the "HELP" in the software.

Release 2.3

15 September 2021

Black Flag
You can now assign a "Black Flag" for stocks that you never want to trade. This Black Flag doesn't reset so it says there until YOU choose to remove it. This way you can flag leverages ETSs, Meme stocks, Chinese stocks or whatever you never want to trade, and you can se the filter to NOT show you these stocks. πŸ™‚

This feature applies to both the Wheel Scanner and PXS Scanner.

Wheel Scanner Filter

You can now apply a filter to the options for The Wheel Scanner:

  • Don't want to options that expire next week? - You can do that.
  • Want to find cheaper options because you have a smaller account? - You can do that.
  • Want to find options with at least $0.25 in premium because you are still paying commissions with your broker? - You can do that.
  • Want to exclude "Black Flag" stock? - You can do that.

Pretty cool, isn't it? πŸ™‚

IMPORTANT: Please log out of PXO and then back in to get the latest version.

Release 2.2.1

18 August 2021

We have a few more features for you!

Earnings Data
We changed data vendors for earnings data, and the data is now much more reliable. We still recommend double-checking it with another source but based on our testing it's now 98% accurate!

Wheel Scanner: Stocks With Earnings Excluded
We now exclude stocks that have earnings before the expiration date of the put option from the scanner to help you avoid trading into earnings. 

Wheel Scanner: Navigation With Arrow Keys
You can now navigate between the stocks on the Wheel Scanner with "arrow up" and "arrow down" keys for quicker navigation.

Markus' and Mark's Trades (for Mastermind Members)
You now have the option to open the spreadsheet with all of Markus' and Mark's trades in a separate tab. or separate window so that you see the trades that we take in real-time.

Release 2.2

11 August 2021

We have a few more features for you!

Tradier Integration: Exit Orders For The Wheel
You can now place "90% profit targets" directly from the Wheel Calculator. This makes it even easier to put your trades on autopilot.

PowerX Scanner: 2,500 New Symbols!
We added 2,500 ETFs like ARKK, SLV, TLT, SPX, etc. to the scanner. So now you can trade ETFs with the PowerX Strategy, too!

PowerX Scanner: Improved Flag Behavior
The flags are now displayed slightly differently to make it even easier to use them.

PowerX Scanner: Countdown Timer When Crunching Numbers
We implemented a countdown timer that starts after the markets close so that you know exactly when we crunched all the numbers and you can run the PXS Scanner.

Markus' and Mark's Trades (for Mastermind Members)
If you click on your name in the upper right hand corner, you will see a menu item "Mark and Markus Trades" where you can see all the trades that we are taking! 

Release 2.1.1

27 July 2021

You asked... and we did it:

We implemented some of the most frequently asked features:

Earnings Display For Wheel Scanner
We are now showing the next earnings date for stocks on the Wheel Scanner so that you know exactly when the next earnings date is. This way you can avoid trading into earnings.

Wheel Calculator: Clear Puts and Calls Separately
Until now, you could only clear the whole column when you clicked on the CLEAR button. Now you will see TWO buttons: one for the calls and one for the puts. This way you can clear the call and the put data separately. 

Wheel Calculator: Hiding the ROI
When the expiration. date of an option is earlier than today's date, we are now hiding the ROI calculation. In the past, it showed some massive profits which was misleading. A small thing but it will help to avoid confusion.

PowerX Scanner: New Search Function
Now you just start typing a letter and the search function will automatically open - similar to TradingView. This way, you can access your favorite symbols even faster!

PowerX Scanner: Navigating With Arrow Keys
On the PXS Scanner,  you can now use "arrow up" and "arrow down" to navigate through the scanner and the watch list. 

Release 2.1

15 July 2021

I'm super excited about this version:
We have some great features for you!

Here's a quick summary, and below the bullet points is a 15 min video in which I walk you through these features in detail.

Earnings Display
We moved the display of the earnings date so that you can now see it even when you click on "Trading Report" or "Option Data".

Information About The Company
We are now displaying some short information about the company so that you know what they are doing. This is super helpful when you're trading "The Wheel" but it's also available for PXS. 

Flags for PowerX Strategy
We have now implemented the popular "flag system" for PowerX Strategy as well so that you can flag the symbols that you like and don't.

Flexible "Flag Resetting System"
Many of you requested that we don't automatically reset the flags. We now allow you to configure PXO so that flags never reset AND you can reset them whenever YOU want. 

Dark Theme
Yes, it's here, and the dev team did an amazing job! Check it out.

Broker Integration
We now offer a basic integration with Tradier. Please watch the video to see how easy it is, and how it will help you to place orders MUCH quicker and with less errors.

And as promised, here's the 15-min video with a detailed walkthrough of these features:

Release 2.0.5

22 June 2021

We have been focusing on improving the PXS Scanner so that it is easier for you to find A+ trades.

Re-Entry Signals:
The biggest change is that we no longer display "re-entry signals".

As you know, Mark and I (Markus) are not trading any signals that are re-entry signals. There were several discussions on MightyNetworks, and we explained the logic for ignoring these signals.

In one of the next versions, we will have a checkbox that allows you to choose whether you want to display "re-entries" or not. 

For now, we feel that it is better if we simply exclude them to make your life easier. 

"Show Trades" on PXS Chart
When you select "Show Trades" on the PXS chart, it now stays on, even when you switch to another chart. This way, you can quickly see the trades for multiple charts. 

Mobile Version
We also continued working on the mobile version:

We cleaned up the layout and removed unnecessary spaces to make PXO more mobile friendly. In Version 2.2, we are planning to release a fully functional mobile version, but for now this version should work pretty well on tablets and phones. 

Release 2.0.4

15 June 2021

The biggest improvement is the processing speed:

In Version 1.x, the new PXS signals were available at 9:30pm ET.
In Version 2.0.3, the new PXS signals are available at 8:30pm ET.
In Version 2.0.4, the new PXO signals are available at 6:00pm ET!

We did another 44 improvements but mainly behind the scenes to get ready for the broker integration. 

There are also a few features:

Wheel Scanner Timer
The "Wheel Scanner Timer" will now show when the markets are closed and when the scanner runs again so that you don't have to second guess.

"Clean up" 
We cleaned up the layout and removed unnecessary spaces to make PXO more mobile friendly. In Version 2.2, we are planning to release a fully functional mobile version, and we did a lot of prep work in this version. 

Release 2.0.3

8 June 2021

This version focused mainly on speed and fixing some bugs.
We implemented 37 improvements and enhancements. 

Here are a few that you will notice:

PXO Speed
Over the past few weeks, PXO slowed down between 9:20am ET and 9:35am ET. We added more servers and implemented caching mechanisms. PXO will be super fast now and not slow down any more (Knock on wood!)

PowerX Chart: Bigger Symbols for "Show Trades"
When you "SHOW TRADES", the arrows indicating entries and exits are now much bigger and easier to read.

Data Available by 8:30pm ET
We switched to a new (and more reliable) data vendor for our data, and all of our number crunching is now done by 8:30pm ET, one hour earlier than before.

BUG: Latest PXS Trade not in Trading Report
Andy Wright found a bug that for certain symbols the latest trade wasn't included in the trading report. This has been fixed.

BUG: Wheel Calculator: Wrong Symbol Added
A few users reported a problem that the "wrong" stock was added to the calculator. This has been fixed.

All other minor bugs that have been reported through MightyNetworks or email have been fixed. 

Release 2.0.2

1 June 2021

This version is a "minor release" - mainly a few bug fixes but we also added a new feature:

Wheel Scanner: "Min Premium" has been added
The Wheel Scanner is now showing the "Minimum Premium required" to get 30% ROI per year.

We also fixed a few bugs. Here are the most important ones:

PowerX Watchlist: Sort By Date
The "Sort By Date Added" functionality didn't work. This has been fixed. Thanks, Andy, for reporting this bug

PowerX Scanner: Wrong Volume Filter:
For some stocks, the volume filter didn't work. This has been fixed. 

PowerX Scanner: "Run Scanner" button hidden
For some users, the "Run Scanner" button was randomly hidden. This has been fixed.

PowerX Optimizer Login
Instead of saying "Username or Password wrong", we now tell you what exactly the problem is, e.g. "wrong email" or "wrong password".

Wheel Calculator: Buying Power Field
The Buying Power Field was too small to display values above 10,000,000 (YES, that was a problem for a user!). This has been fixed.

Wheel Calculator: Adding the wrong stock
For some users, the wrong stock was added to the calculator when clicking on ADD. This has been fixed. 

Wheel Calculator: ".5" problem
When typing in .5, the Wheel Calculator changed it to 5.0. You had to type in 0.5 so that it works. This has been fixed, and you can simply type .5

There have been another 28 minor fixes that we did in the background. It was mainly addressing some "special cases" that users experienced. 

Release 2.0.1

25 May 2021

This version is a "minor release" but we have implemented a few cool features!

New Features:

Sector and Industry for PXS
The sector and industry is being displayed for PXS stocks. We will display this information for Wheel stocks soon. 

Watchlist: both exit strategies are displayed Nnw
In the PXS watchlist, you will see the "current position" of the stock based on the 2 exit strategies that you chose. 

Trading Report
The columns have been re-arranged to show ENTRY, STOP LOSS and PROFIT TARGET. 

Wheel Scanner: Conservative option strikes are excluded from Aggressive list
Options that are included in the CONSERVATIVE scanner will not be visible in the AGGRESSIVE scanner. This lowers the amount of options shown in the AGGRESSIVE list and makes it easier for you to go through it. 

Wheel Scanner: DELTA is now available
Several users requested to show DELTA in for options in the Wheel Scanner. This has been implemented. 

Wheel Calculator: Arrow Keys
You can now use the "Arrow UP" and "Arrow DOWN" key to increase or decrease the strike price and premium.

Wheel Calculator: Expiration Date moved higher
The Expiration Date has been moved below the stock price to make the calculator more congruent with most trading platforms where you FIRST select the expiration date and THEN the strike price.

.... and we fixed 8 minor bugs in the background. 

Here's a video that shows all the features:

Release 2.0

1 May 2021

For an overview of all the new functionality of Version 2.0, please watch these training videos:

Release 1.9.1

28 December 2020

This version addresses a few bugs:

Wheel Scanner "Add to Calc" Bug
A few users experienced that sometimes the "Add to Calc" button didn't work. This has been fixed.

Wheel Calculator - Part 1
In some special cases, e.g. markets closed on Friday for Christmas, the Premium Per Day (PPD) and annualized return were slightly off. This has been fixed.

Wheel Calculator - Part 2
Sometimes, the previous expiration date was listed in the date selection. This has been fixed.

Release 1.9.0

19 December 2020

YES! It's finally here:

- The Wheel Scanner - BETA Version:
SUPER IMPORTANT: This is a BETA Version. This means that it is not (yet) 100% finished and still under development. 

We are VERY happy with the functionality and have been using it for weeks and actively traded it.

Over the next few weeks, we will improve it, e.g. showing strike prices on the chart and other cool stuff. So please keep this in mind when using the Wheel Scanner. 

And here are a few tips:

  1. You can access the scanner by clicking on the "Wheel Calculator Tab"
  2. The scanner will run from 9:46am ET until 4:00pm ET. It is NOT refreshing when the markets are closed.
  3. It's a SCANNER and works in the same way as the scanner for PowerX trades: It will give you the best stocks and strike prices to trade according to TECHNICAL criteria, but you still need to decide if you like to own the stock and if you like to own it at the strike price that the scanner suggests.
  4. We are planning to record a quick video on how to use the scanner and put it in the COURSE section of PowerX Optimizer.

Release 1.8.3

18 December 2020

  • Improved Loading Time
    We made PXO faster: Now the charts are loading 20% quicker than before.
  • Labeling the P&L Chart
    You will see a "CONSERVATIVE" or "OPTIMIZED" label on the upper left-hand side of the P&L chart so that you know which exit strategy you selected.
  • Naming Conventions
    In the watchlist, the heading of the column SIGNAL has been changed to POSITION. Small things, but it's definitely more accurate to call it POSITION instead of signal.

Release 1.8.2

05 December 2020

  • Options Data Calculation
    Previously, we calculated the values for "Option at Stop" and "Options at Target" extremely conservatively. Based on 3 years of data, we now adjusted the calculations to make it more realistic. It's still conservative, but "conservatively realistic" to give you even more accurate data.
  • More Stocks
    A few very popular stocks have now more than 13 months of data so that we can include them in PXO. These are DKNG, FXI and MJ.
  • BUG: P&L Chart
    A few users reported that sometimes the P&L Chart underneath the stock chart wouldn't load. This has been fixed.
  • BUG: Decimal Places in Wheel Calculator - 1
    PXO didn't recognize the comma when you entered .1. Instead, you had to enter 0.1. This is now fixed.
  • BUG: Decimal Places in Wheel Calculator - 2
    When using Firefox, the Wheel Calculator didn't recognize the decimal point. So 32.50 became 3250.00. This is now fixed.
  • BUG: Sorting Watchlist
    When you clicked on a column header to sort the watch list, and then selected a stock, the watch list reverted to the "default sort" instead of keeping the sort selection. This has been fixed.

Release 1.8.1

25 November 2020

  • Wheel Calculator - Part 1
    You can now specify how many positions you want to trade and how many columns you want to display. As an example, you might want to see 7 columns but only trade 3 positions. This is now possible.
  • Wheel Calculator - Part 2
    Previously, there was an issue saving the data. This has been resolved and the data will now be automatically saved when you click on another tab WITHIN PowerX Optimizer, e.g. "Trade Report" or "Stock Chart". In addition, you can click on the UPDATE button and all data will be saved.
  • Wheel Calculator - Part 3
    The buttons on the Wheel Calculator have been renamed to make it easier to use it.
    UPDATE: Use it after you change the "# positions" or "# columns" and also to SAVE the data
    CLEAR: Use it to remove all values in a column
  • Wheel Calculator - Part 4
    The field "Price Stock Was Bought At" didn't allow decimals. This is fixed and you can now enter decimals.
  • PXO is now faster
    Previously, we asked you to run the scanner after 9:30pm ET. You can now run the scanner at 9:00pm ET.
  • Missing Earnings
    In some cases, the latest earnings data wasn't displayed on the chart. This has been fixed.
  • "Stuck Cursor" Bug
    A user reported: "When I scroll down to my watch list then click on (AAPL) or any other stock, I can not bring the cursor back up to the top of the page. It’s stuck." This has been fixed.
  • "Freeze on Phone" Bug
    A user reported that PXO freezes on iPhone and Android after selecting a stock from the watch list. This has been fixed.
  • Options Pricing Bug
    For a couple of stocks, e.g. PVAC, the ITM and ATM option had the same strike price but different entry prices. This has been fixed.
  • Sorting Watchlist Bug
    When you clicked on a column header to sort the watch list, and then selected a stock, the watch list reverted to the "default sort" instead of keeping the sort selection. This has been fixed.
  • Watchlist Highlight Bug
    Bug: When you click on a row/symbol in the scanner it is highlighted blue. When you click on a row/symbol in the watchlist it is highlighted blue then the highlight disappears. This has been fixed and the symbol remains highlighted in blue.
  • Print Dialog Box
    There were some inconsistencies between the different supported browsers: Some browsers opened the native "Print" dialog box from your operation systems, but other browsers did not and just started printing. This has been fixed and all browsers are now showing the native print dialog box of your operating system so that you can select the printer, printing in color, etc.
  • Move Stock from Scanner to Watchlist using Safari
    Some users reported problems when trying to move a stock from the scanner to the watch list using Safari. This has been fixed.

Release 1.8.0

12 November 2020

  • Wheel Calculator
    The Wheel Calculator is now part of PowerX Optimizer so that you have all of the tools you need in ONE place!
  • Earnings
    The previous earnings are now displayed on the chart. And right underneath the chart, you will see when the next earnings report is scheduled and how many days are left before the next earnings call so that you can avoid trading into earnings.
  • Earnings Warning
    When there are less than 7 days until the next earnings report, the color of "Next Earnings" will change to RED.
  • Internal Calculations
    Markus and Mark have been reviewing the trades of the 18 months years, and we concluded that some of the optimized profit targets are too aggressive. Therefore, we now limit to optimized profit target to 7 ADR (previously 10 ADR). Based on our testing, this ensures that the optimized profit target is hit more often.
  • Cleaner Layout
    The buttons on the top right of the chart have been cleaned up:
    The first button shows you ALL Buy/Sell Signals for the day (previously known as "Reset Scanner"), and the second button runs the scanner. We were able to remove a button to make PXO even more user-friendly and also even more mobile-friendly.
  • Forgot Password Function
    If you forgot your password, you can now request it through the login screen. It will be emailed to you in 5 minutes or less so that you can access the software within minutes - even if you forgot your password.
  • Firefox Bug
    When using Firefox, the "Signal" column on the watch list was very small. This has been fixed.

Release 1.7.5

31 October 2020

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Entry Level on Chart
    We are now plotting a blue dotted line for the entry on the chart so that you can easily see where exactly you would enter into a trade.

  • Profit Target and Stop Loss Levels
    You now have the option of displaying the profit target and the stop loss for the conservative and optimized exits on the chart so that you can see exactly where you would exit a trade.

  • Options Data
    Because of time decay (theta), the value for "Option at Target" could be smaller than the entry price. When this happens, PXO will now display "No suitable option found" in that row.

  • Adding to Watch List
    When you click on "+" to enter a stock to the watch list, the cursor is now in the SYMBOL field. This eliminates an extra click so that you can enter symbols faster.

  • HELP Menu Updated
    When you select HELP - TRAINING VIDEOS, you are now being redirected to the new Members' Area.

  • Default Chart Display (User Feedback)
    Until now, the default chart display when selecting a new symbol was "conservative". From this release on, it will be the last selected strategy, i.e. if you selected "optimized" and then switch to another symbol, the "optimized" strategy will be selected for the new symbol, too. This is a feature that was requested by several users.

  • Stock Chart vs. Option Data (User Feedback)
    In the past, if you selected the "Options Data" tab and then select a new symbol, the stock chart is being displayed. Many users requested that PXO will stay on the options tab when switching from one symbol to another so that you can quickly display and compare the options of various symbols. This is now implemented based on your feedback.

  • Minor Bug Fixes
    In the past, after making changes to the 'Trading Account Settings' while on the 'Options' or 'Trading Reports' section, PXO reverted back to the 'Stock Charts' section. Now PXO will remain on the 'Options' or 'Trading Reports' section. 

Release 1.7.4

15 October 2020

Minor Bug Fixes

  • $5 Level Line
    Previously, it was only displayed when prices traded below $5. Now it's being displayed whenever the $5 level is shown on the y-axis
  • P&L Graph
    In rare instances, the P&L graph was "stuck" on the previous symbol. This is fixed.
  • "Long & Short Signal" in Scanner
    When hitting the "Back to Default" button, the scanner now resets to "Long & short signals"
  • Watchlist Sorting
    If you had a lot of symbols in the watchlist, the watchlist header disappeared. Now it's there all the time.

Release 1.7.3

11 October 2020

  • $5 Marker - A red line is drawn for stocks that have traded below $5 in the last year.
  • Long Only/Short Only Label on Chart - When Longs only or Shorts Only is selected under settings, Long Trades Only and Short Trades Only will show at the top left of the chart.
  • Option Position Size Calculation - When viewing options the number of contracts to trade based on your account settings is now calculated in the SIZE column.
  • Watchlist Sort - You can now sort the watchlist by Symbol, Signal, or Company name by clicking on the column name.
  • Longs Only & Shorts Only Scanner Option - You can now run the scanner for LONG signals only and SHORT signals only.
  • MIsc. minor bug fixes for web and tablet/phone layout.

Release 1.7.2

30 September 2020

Data Window and Trading Report Update:

  • Data Window and Trading Report update to display data based on $10,000 and 2% position risk (originally $10,000 fixed positions).

  • Explanation: In the past, the trading report and performance were based on a $10,000 position size. And in talking with PowerX Optimizer users like YOU and based on our testing, we found that a "2% risk based on a $10,000" provides more accurate performance numbers.

The ROI is now based on the BUYING POWER that's needed to trade the stock. Since the buying power is often much less than $10,000, you will see that the absolute dollar amount for the ROI is less than you're used to, but the ROI in % is still the same.

New Data Window Feature:

  • Buying Power calculation next to position size. This calculates how much a stock position will cost based on suggested shares and signal price (aka how much buying power will be deducted from a non-margin account) displayed as BP = $$$.

Release 1.7.1

29 September 2020

Watchlist Updates:

  • Right-click on watchlist symbols to remove a stock from the watchlist (consistent with scanner options).
  • Add multiple symbols to the watchlist by clicking + Add Symbol button then "save and add more."
  • Signals (buy, sell, none) now visible in the watchlist

Layout Changes:

  • Larger icons for better accessibility.
  • Watchlist Scanner buttons moved to the top of lists (instead of below).
  • Software windows stay visible so features will not be hidden with different screen resolutions (now tablet and phone friendly).

Print Options:

  • Print button can now print Charts, Trading Report, and Options Data.

Help Menu:

  • Now includes links to training videos and contact us pages.