Happy Saturday! I’m back in the United States We arrived late last night from Germany, and this weekend, I’ll be in Boston since Vivian has a sailing event. Of course, there were delays: Our United flight from Frankfurt was more than 2 hours delayed. But THIS gave us a chance to enjoy the great Lufthansa

Happy Tuesday! First of all, sorry for the late email! Usually, I’m sending you an email at 7:30am Central Time, but since I’m still in Germany, I got the time zones messed up. And right now, I’m visiting my parents. It’s our second to last stop, and … I think I made a big mistake!

Happy Saturday! Yesterday, Vivian and I arrived in Karlsruhe (Germany) to visit my son Julius who’s working at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology this summer. We strolled through the city and went to a “Biergarten” to have some dinner: “Schnitzel”, “Haxe” and “Radler” (google it!) … and that’s when Julius had a “great” idea: He

Happy Wednesday! Right now, I’m visiting my brother Michael in Germany. He has a Golden Retriever, and his name is Sunny. He is very active and super intelligent, and Sunny is like many traders He loves his toys! His favorite one is a porcupine. Last night, Vivian and sunny played with the porcupine, and they

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday, Vivian and I arrived in Germany. After we landed in Frankfurt, we boarded one of the high-speed trains to go to Leipzig and visit my brother. As you know, I travel A LOT. I love traveling! 🙂 And I love spending time with my kids – oh yes… on Friday, we will visit

Happy Sunday! Today, Vivian and I will fly to Germany. But as promised, I will show you the exact trades that I did this week I took 3 trades this week. As you know, I was driving back from California to Austin on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I took all 3 trades on Thursday. Right

Happy Saturday! Wednesday night, Vivian and I got back from the sailing regatta in Long Beach, CA. It was an amazing roadtrip: We drove 3,586 miles = 5,771 kilometers! While driving through the desert in Arizona at 115F (48C), I realized that … There must be a new law! And the law is “The Law