I spent a few days in California, and I realized a few things: Trading on the West Coast is BRUTAL! On the West Coast, markets open at 6:30am. I like to be ready and in front of my computer 15 min before the markets open. That’s 6:15am! And in order to be (somewhat) awake at

limit order vs stop order

    This is a question I get asked all the time: What is the difference between a limit order vs a stop order? If you’ve been wondering about these two order types, I think you’ll find this article very interesting! In this article, we will answer the following questions: What is a limit order?

Happy Monday! I’m back from the sailing regatta with Vivian, … and it was super frustrating: On Saturday, we waited all day for wind. Around 3:00pm, the wind FINALLY picked up, and the kids jumped in their boats ready to race. The race committee was just about to set a course when suddenly… there was

Happy Saturday! Right now, I’m with my daughter Vivian at a sailing regatta in Dallas. This regatta is important because it’s a “qualifier” for the 2022 CHUBB Junior National Championship: The top 2 boats are invited to attend the National Championship. Vivian and her skipper James have been training for it for weeks. And we

Happy Tuesday! It’s one of these days: Here’s what happened: Yesterday, on my way back from Europe, I got stuck in Chicago: There was a massive thunderstorm with a tornado warning… sounds like the markets yesterday, doesn’t it? Strike 1:Travel Mayhem The plane that was supposed to fly us back to Austin was diverted to

short selling put options

    Today, let’s learn about short-selling put options. This is the question I am usually asked when it comes to this particular trading strategy: “How do you decide the strike price to sell the put options for and how do you determine if this is enough premium?” I actually made a put options calculator