Happy Saturday! I’m back in the United States We arrived late last night from Germany, and this weekend, I’ll be in Boston since Vivian has a sailing event. Of course, there were delays: Our United flight from Frankfurt was more than 2 hours delayed. But THIS gave us a chance to enjoy the great Lufthansa

Happy Tuesday! First of all, sorry for the late email! Usually, I’m sending you an email at 7:30am Central Time, but since I’m still in Germany, I got the time zones messed up. And right now, I’m visiting my parents. It’s our second to last stop, and … I think I made a big mistake!

Happy Wednesday! Right now, I’m visiting my brother Michael in Germany. He has a Golden Retriever, and his name is Sunny. He is very active and super intelligent, and Sunny is like many traders He loves his toys! His favorite one is a porcupine. Last night, Vivian and sunny played with the porcupine, and they

We’re almost in San Francisco. But last night, we had to pull over for one more stop. And we decided to stay at a Marriott. I like Marriott hotels, and I’m a “Platinum Elite Member”, which gives me some perks. One of them is getting access to the concierge club where they usually serve a

I spent a few days in California, and I realized a few things: Trading on the West Coast is BRUTAL! On the West Coast, markets open at 6:30am. I like to be ready and in front of my computer 15 min before the markets open. That’s 6:15am! And in order to be (somewhat) awake at

Happy Monday! I’m back from the sailing regatta with Vivian, … and it was super frustrating: On Saturday, we waited all day for wind. Around 3:00pm, the wind FINALLY picked up, and the kids jumped in their boats ready to race. The race committee was just about to set a course when suddenly… there was

Happy Saturday! Right now, I’m with my daughter Vivian at a sailing regatta in Dallas. This regatta is important because it’s a “qualifier” for the 2022 CHUBB Junior National Championship: The top 2 boats are invited to attend the National Championship. Vivian and her skipper James have been training for it for weeks. And we

Happy Tuesday! It’s one of these days: Here’s what happened: Yesterday, on my way back from Europe, I got stuck in Chicago: There was a massive thunderstorm with a tornado warning… sounds like the markets yesterday, doesn’t it? Strike 1:Travel Mayhem The plane that was supposed to fly us back to Austin was diverted to