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I really like Markus’ trading methods because they are simple and do not complicate the topic. I have enjoyed the learning process, the tools, the guidance. Both Markus and Mark are excellent instructors.

I have been using the Wheel Strategy for 5 weeks. 30% return. Great Rockwell community Markus updates everyone about the market daily and he makes it simple and fun. Truly recommend it.

 Highly Recommended for those that are currently trading in the stock market. Markus explains everything so well. I up my game on options trading by just watching his videos.

 Markus has a genuine desire to help people. He is an excellent teacher who shares a lot of information in a manner that is easy to understand. He and his team at Rockwell Trading are providing an outstanding service!

I am enjoying getting to know the software. I was trading the wheel before finding it. It has improved my trades and cut down on my time researching. They have tremendous training resources available. I look forward to trading the PowerX when the market cooperates.

I've become more disciplined in my trading, and not losing money. Having Markus and Mark within reach helps me avoid trading decisions that I would probably regret later. Improving PXO and the wheel calculator, solves many of the decision criteria.

It is easy and intuitive to use.
It would be absolutely brilliant if your international users could somehow be able to use the integrated Tradier facilities as well.

I am new to the PXO software, but I really like what I have seen so far. It allows me to identify trades that I would not have otherwise found.

Great product. Markus is a good teacher and tries to keep it simple for everyone to understand. Highly recommend! 

  • Find more opportunities in the market
  • Filter through 15,000 stocks and ETFs
  • Achieve more consistent results