We Might Not Be a Good Fit!

Thanks so much for filling out the quiz. Based on your answers, it looks like the PowerX Optimizer isn't a good fit for you based off your budget & goals.

The PowerX Optimizer costs $2,000 (one time payment) to get it. It isn't for everyone, however the users who have it love it!

If you're still interested in getting the software, you can click the button below to book a call with my team & I.

I really like Markus’ trading methods because they are simple and do not complicate the topic. I have enjoyed the learning process, the tools, the guidance. Both Markus and Mark are excellent instructors.

 Markus has a genuine desire to help people. He is an excellent teacher who shares a lot of information in a manner that is easy to understand. He and his team at Rockwell Trading are providing an outstanding service!

 Highly Recommended for those that are currently trading in the stock market. Markus explains everything so well. I up my game on options trading by just watching his videos.

I have been using the Wheel Strategy for 5 weeks. 30% return. Great Rockwell community Markus updates everyone about the market daily and he makes it simple and fun. Truly recommend it.

I am new to the PXO software, but I really like what I have seen so far. It allows me to identify trades that I would not have otherwise found.

I've become more disciplined in my trading, and not losing money. Having Markus and Mark within reach helps me avoid trading decisions that I would probably regret later. Improving PXO and the wheel calculator, solves many of the decision criteria.