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Theta Kings Training

Volatility is here to stay. And the market indicates a tremendous amount of uncertainty. 

Which means it’s time for “Theta Kings” – the most powerful market reversal strategy I ever discovered. 

This strategy was the key for me in turning a small account of $25,380 into $33,183 in less than 4 weeks… a fast gain of 30% during the worst stock market crash since 2008!

Find Out How I Did It By Claiming Your Access To Our Theta Kings Training 

(Previously Sold For $997)  &  Get $6,873 worth of Bonuses... For Free!  

When You Become a PowerX Trader Today 

Ride the Fear Wave Like a Theta King

You’ve seen and felt the recent bloodbath in the market… 

The infamous VIX indicator has almost doubled this year. 

Markets are falling and a lot of investors are getting hammered. 

Sounds brutal but it’s not all that bleak.

Because the good news is… 

We are not investors. We are traders. We can make money even as stocks are free-falling.

Even better…  

We just entered the perfect market conditions for a little-known market reversal strategy called Theta Kings…

It’s a powerful way to sell put options to collect thousands of dollars in premium instantly… without buying a single stock upfront. 

And only for today, when you invest in The PowerX Optimizer, you’ll get Theta Kings training which we sell for $997… absolutely free! 

Bundle Item #1 | $2997 Value

The PowerX Optimizer

The Powerhouse Of Our Two Core Trading Strategies Is Just Got Its First Major Update, Making It Faster & More Powerful Than Ever!

  • Scans Over 12,000 Stocks & ETFs, providing you with high-probability stock and option setups within seconds.
  • Entry, Target and Stops, are all calculated for you so it eliminates the guesswork, giving you a clear setup before entering any trade.
  • Web Based Platform, so there's no need to ever update, install or keep up with CDs or DVDs + every time we make an update to the software you'll automatically get it. You can also login and run the software from anywhere with internet access.

Bundle Item #2 | $997 Value

The Wheel Master Class

On-demand Training

  • Deep Dive, on Markus' #1 income trading strategy, that he has over a 99% win rate over 6 months and 100+ trades taken.
  • Stock Picking Secrets, so you know exactly what Markus is considering when he's taking or steering clear of a stock.
  • Live Trading Recordings Watch on-demand recordings of Markus and Mark trading the Wheel with real money in live markets.

Bundle Item #3 | $997 Value

PowerX Wheel Calculator

Get Access To The PowerX Wheel Income Calculator, now built into the PowerX Optimizer. This powerful tool, helps to keep you out of trouble when trading The Wheel 

  • Red, Yellow & Green, indicators let you know immediately if the trade meets our strict criteria for PPD (Premium Per Day).
  • Crunches The Numbers, so no matter if you're trading an account of $25,000 or $2,000,000 the calculator will make sure you're not over or under trading based on your account size.

Bundle Item #4 | $997 Value

PowerX Wheel Scanner

No More Hunting For Hours! With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse, The Wheel Income Scanner Will Find Stock & ETF Candidates That Meet Our Criteria. 

  • The Best Stocks, for trading The Wheel based on our PPD criteria and your personal account size.
  • Save TONS Of Time, hunting through the tens of thousands of stocks and ETFs.
  • One Platform to Rule Them All, using the new PowerX Wheel Scanner you can do all your trading from one easy to use platform.

Bundle Item #5 | $997 Value

PowerX Debit Spreads

During This On-Demand Workshop,
Markus and Mark Will Share Exactly How They're Trading Debit Spreads Using PowerX Optimizer.

  • Reducing Your Risk, using debit spreads to trade large priced stocks, so no matter your account size you can still participate without breaking your trading rules.
  • Great For All Account Sizes, so no matter if you're trading an account of just a couple thousand or a larger account (>$100k) this strategy is a great way to consistently grow your account without swinging for the fence.

Bundle Item #6 | $997 Value

The PowerX Master Class

Take Your Trading To The Next Level With This In-depth On-Demand Training + Live Trading Recordings

  • How To Choose The Best Stocks, from the list of potential trades that PowerX Optimizer provides each day.
  • Chart Reading Secrets, to avoid getting into "crazy" stocks and stocks that tend to have surprise gaps, to avoid large losses.
  • Trading Psychology Tips, so that you can stay objective and not let your emotions get the best of you when it matters most (i.e. when money is on the line).

Bundle Item #7 | $197 Value


2.0 New

Feature Training

On-demand Recording

 During On-Demand Training, Markus & Mark Will Walk Through All The New Features Added To PowerX Optimizer & How He's Using Them

  • New PowerX Strategy, has been coded into PowerX Optimizer 2.0.
  • Live Examples, on how he will incorporate these new features into his daily routine.

Bundle Item #8 | $197 Value

Live New Member Orientation

During This Live Orientation, Active Trader and Rockwell Freedom Mastermind Member, Paul Harper Will Walk You Through The Ins and Outs Of The Software So You're Up and Trading Quickly

  • How To Choose The Best Stocks, of the PowerX Optimizer from an experienced PowerX Trader.
  • Quick Start, your trading with this 30 minute, live tutorial.
  • Get Your Questions Answered, live from someone who is actively trading using the software.

Bundle Item #9 | $497 Value

 VIP Group

Get Access To Our Private PowerX Trader Group, Where Fellow PowerX Traders, Collaborate, Share Ideas and Wins Together

  • Trade With Fellow PowerX Traders, in our private MightyNetworks group. We now have over 1000 members.
  • Learn Faster With A Community, of like minded traders who're looking at the same signals you're looking at to make your trading decisions.
  • Make Friends, with those who share your same passions. Trading doesn't have to be a lonely journey ;).

Bundle Item #10 | $997/Year Value

Lifetime Updates

Lock In Lifetime Updates Before There's An Annual Subscription Fee

  • New Features, are constantly being rolled out and we don't have any intention on slowing down anytime soon.

ONLY TODAY: Theta Kings Training (Value $997) – FREE

This exclusive on-demand training will give you everything you need to thrive amongst market mayhem and madness using a strategy specifically designed for these crazy conditions. Thanks to a little-known way of selling put options you'll be like 'the house' with the odds stacked in your favor. During this masterclass and 2 recorded live trading sessions, you’ll learn exactly how to exploit that edge to spot incredible opportunities during this volatility.

Here's what's included with this complete course: 

  • Theta Kings Strategy Session
  • 2 Live Trading Recordings
  • Put Options Calculator
  • Put Options Playbook 
  • Selling Put Options Checklist


Hear What Existing PowerX Traders Are Saying...

I have been using the PowerX optimizer and the PowerX strategy for a little over a month. The strategy and the software are very effective and Marcus provides plenty of coaching and support through his YouTube videos, and the private Facebook group. The main thing to learn from this strategy is that losses will occur but to keep them small and maximize the gains. Following this strategy it is very realistic to expect a 60% gain annually.

Todd K.

Verified Trustpilot Review

Excellent tool for making stock and option choices to buy. Gives you all the information you need. Updates are included in the price of the software, no additional fees.

Mike C.

Verified Trustpilot Review

I believe the Power X Optimizer is a great software tool for trading. It is very user friendly and includes a help manual AND videos - which many software packages do not. It gives choices to the trader and is not just a "spoon feeding" system. The user actually learns how to choose a stock or option, how to enter and how to exit. It is and excellent resource. The support staff is awesome and usually responds within 24 hours if not sooner. The training is excellent and if you prefer to heighten your trading skills even further, there is always the Mastermind group. The entire Rockwell staff and members are one big family and always welcome more family members.

Cathy D.

Verified Trustpilot Review

Learning from Markus and Mark has been a game changer for me. I have learned so much since I have started trading the Rockwell strategies and the money management that goes with it. Not only is my trading now profitable, but I am having fun as part of the trading community at Rockwell.

I thank particularly Markus and Mark for all the great life tradings, check in calls and the recent PUT and Options trading classes! Both Markus and Mark are exceptional coaches and they LOVE what they are doing.

Zena D.

Verified Trustpilot Review


Become A PowerX Trader

Here's Everything You'll Receive Through This Special Offer:

  • The PowerX Optimizer | Software | Value $2997
  • The Wheel Master Class | On-Demand Class | Value $997
  • Wheel Income Scanner | Software | Value $997
  • PowerX Debit Spreads | On-Demand Class | Value $997
  • Version 2.0 New Feature Training | On-Demand Training | Value $197
  • New Member Orientation | Live Training | Value $197
  • Wheel Income Calculator | Software | Value $997
  • The PowerX Master Class | On-Demand Class | Value $997
  • PowerX VIP Group | Community | Value $497
  • Lifetime Software Updates | Software | Value $997

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I get it, even with the massive discount, $1997 is a big investment, ESPECIALLY in times like now. So, I want to make this 'trade' even easier for you. If you don't absolutely love the software, the classes and all the other bonuses, I'll gladly refund your purchase within 30 days. That's right, for the first time ever we're offering you 30 days to try out the software.

Sound good? Well then, let's start trading!

Markus Heitkoetter

Founder, Rockwell Trading


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