Who's the Fool? Analyst's Surprising Prediction Shocks Reporter

Time and time again Expert Market Analysts make surprising, shocking, and often unconventional predictions.

I found this one to fall into that category – you’ll think the same, especially when you see the report’s response.

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Interesting prediction, wasn’t it? Especially considering that most people expected Amazon to continue making gains.

Here’s what happened to the Amazon stock shortly after the airing of this Market Report.

It’s obvious that the Analyst was correct in his prediction.

The Analyst sights the stock being overvalued, overpriced, and that their P-ratios are “out of wack” for making his prediction.

“Out of wack,” haha.

Is that a professional term? 🙂

What he didn’t mention is that the indicators were screaming that the rising trend was about to level off. Later, they were screaming that the flat trend was about to fall.

Want a sure fire way to spot the direction of a market trend?

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The ability to quickly identifying a trend is one of the most important skills a day trader, swing trader, or casual trader can have…

… and you don’t need to rely on a talking head Analyst or in depth study of market reports to do it.

If you knew how to spot a trend, you would have been able to buy the Amazon stock right before it took off in 2015. You would have doubled your investment.

Think about this…

If you spotted the downward trend at the beginning of 2016, you would have been able to short the stock and almost double again!

So who was the fool?

It’s obvious now that the news reporter was the fool.

Is that always the case?

Is the Analyst always right?

No, not always.

That’s why you need to be empowered to recognize the direction of the trend before it happens.

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