Claim Your Personal Trading Plan ($250 Value) For Free And Discover The Blind Spots That Are Sabotaging Your Trading Success

Years ago, I quit my 6-figure job at IBM and started my trading career thinking I could easily replace my corporate income.

That wasn’t the case. I had some wins, but I also had many losses. With each passing week, my savings got lower and lower because I was trying different things without a solid plan and guidance.

I then bit the bullet and invested thousands of dollars for hands-on mentoring because I did not want to return to Germany in another soul sucking corporate job.

The mentor sat down with me and quickly identified what mistakes I personally was making.

Once I corrected those mistakes, my trading career took off. I’ve since replaced my 6-figure income many times over, and I have a lifestyle where I have no boss and can take 8-12 weeks off a year.

More importantly for you, I’ve helped many students create the lifestyle they want through trading.

All traders are held back because they have blind spots that they can’t see, and I bet that’s the case with you (it certainly was the case with me).

The tricky thing is that each trader has a different set of blind spots because each trader is different.

That’s why if you’re serious about massively improving your trading success, you need your own Personal Trading Plan.

What Is The Personal Trading Plan?

The Personal Trading Plan will...

  • Uncover your true "trading persona" to help you find the right trading strategies for you.
  • Pinpoint what is holding you back from achieving your goals - if you are currently trading but haven't been successful.
  • Determine what's missing from your current trading, and the best way for you to spend your time and energy in order to progress in the quickest way possible.
  • Assess the root cause of your trading problems, and how to eliminate them.

We normally charge $250 for the Personal Trading Plan and 1-1 session but because you’re a valuable member of my community, I’m waiving that fee so you get your Plan for FREE.

To help us create your Personal Trading Plan, please fill out the info below.

Once you submit your information, you’ll be taken to a calendar page where you can then schedule a personal 1-1 session with one of my team members. This 1-1 session is to help create and review your Personal Trading Plan.

If you then want our personal help to implement the plan so you can create the lifestyle you want, then we’ll extend you an invite to be a private student for 6-12 months. The investment starts at $5,000 and goes to $30,000 and above with payment plans.

To put things in perspective, I paid $12,000 for 4 days of mentoring almost 20 years ago. Was it worth it?

I now earn way, way more than my 6-figure annual salary from IBM...while trading less than 2 hours a day, and I take off 8 - 12 weeks of vacation each year. So for me, investing in a mentor was well worth it. 🙂

As a private student, you’ll get plenty of hands-on support including weekly coaching calls, Virtual trading boardrooms with my team and LIVE trading boardrooms with me at exotic locations so you can succeed 5-7 times faster than you could on your own (and have a blast while doing so). 🙂

My students have used trading to quit their jobs, travel the world, spend more time with loved ones and volunteer to important causes.

​Do you want the trading lifestyle?

Then fill out the short questionnaire above and book a time so we can meet with you 1-1 to create your Personal Trading Plan ($250 value and FREE for a limited time).

I look forward to you being my next success story.